Isısan Plumbing Book

Isısan Plumbing Book plumbing industry in the design, prepared for contracting and consultancy which to share information with renewed and evolving technology and to at engineering the right steps without expectation of remuneration by Isısan publication has been made public is published as a PDF on their site. Isısan Plumbing book in this respect is very important, especially for a lot of sources, including engineers, mechanical engineer.Isısan Plumbing the Book of preparing and offering the use of engineers, Mr. Rüknettin Thanks to Küçükçalı and teammates.

Isısan Plumbing Book before Mr. Rüknettin Let me quote from Küçükçalı the foreword.

“Plumbing updated the book in 2.baskı the Isısan Publications within 17. We present to you the Book.

energy price hikes in the world market and the effect of the devaluation made during the crisis has been very expensive in Turkey. 21st century energy needs to be used more efficiently. Decreased fossil energy sources in the world, energy costs will increase much more. with environmental protection laws will be restrictions on the use of energy. When calculating the depreciation period, instead of using today’s energy costs, it should be studied to predict future costs and should be used.

In Turkey, there has been a deepening economic crisis nowadays. 1994 shifted the causes of the crisis, the 1998 Russian crisis of 1999. The cost of the Marmara earthquake, economic, political and social issues combined with February / 2001 has caused us to live the crisis.

economic crisis in the country, it naturally affects companies. pre firms working in Turkey “crisis policy” to put production and application will be useful for at least the next year. Company managers “The ship is going in the right direction?” Question with them and remind employees of the firm should try to be a good team. business can chance in export and foreign countries have the ability to make quality work and the quest for which each firm. Everyone fondly job, you should try to do better and should be given support to those who must work better information sharing. With this approach we can take forward our country.

As you know, Buderus, won all of the cast are produced with high technology in Germany. Instead of the classic GG-25 cast iron boilers, GL-180 M flexible molding (40% more flexible) and so much more durable and resistant to thermal shock is produced boilers. Buderus, casting the radiator years (with our insistence) only distributes imported from Turkey by the European market.

Also his Isısan general distributorships (Buderus- Goodman – Elicent – Reflex and others), a part of Russia since 1989, the Turkish Republic and markets some Arabic countries. Dealers are making the assembly and installation work at the devices in these countries.

Despite the economic crisis, as part of the work we plan to do useful work for our small country to publish the book Plumbing ongoing for two years. We believe that everyone will be very happy to close the day in Turkey. After the dark days will be sunny and cloudy days.

We prepare Plumbing Book Prof.Dr.Ahmet with Arısoy. Professor Abdurrahman Kılıç “Fire Systems”, Mr. Samir BÖLÜKBAŞIOĞLU “pool facilities,” Mr. Coskun IRFAN “Industrial Kitchen and Laundry” They prepare sections. Mr. Aydin ACEMİ “Compressed Air” section was contributed to. I would like to thank them personally.

Isısan of engineers and technicians was a complete team effort with outstanding work. Volcano throated, Fatih Oner, in the corner Zahia, Selman Tarm, Ergun Ulgen, Mehmet Kaykun of desire Danube, thank them in person Altınel Tariq.

In addition, Mr. their contributions to this book Erdogan Atakar, Serdar Gurel, Omar Kantaroğlu, Turan Kolak, Nurettin Küçükçalı, Jalal Okudan, Value Partners Gokhan Ozbek, Ayhan Razgat, Baycan Sunaç, Orhan Turan, Selim Uyar, Bulent Vural and literature teacher Fatma Arısoy to and also thank my colleagues to show the courtesy to tell us their criticism by reading this book. ”

Rüknettin Küçükçalı
Y.mühendi the Machine

Isısan Plumbing Book

Information: Isısan Plumbing book in pdf format published by the Isısan. Sc is not in any way from the real book.

ISIS plumbing book

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