Isısan Buderus Boiler Schemes

Schemes prepared by Buderus boiler pany and has served as the sharing AutoCAD format, single boiler, boiler and radiators, boilers – boilers and radiators to be added 9 and cascade system. parts need to be aware of the ingredients in the design process is indicated on the charts. There are sections for the necessary wiring and mechanical automation. cable cross section on automation and communication systems may vary by brand and model.

Boiler Schemes

Boiler Schemes in AutoCAD format
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What Boilers? What are the type of Boiles?

Chemical energy in the fuel is given the name of the device that converts the heat energy gained.Prepared fuel (oil or coal) is sprayed into the air and brought it pulverized combustion chamber. the released heat of combustion, evaporates the water in the boiler tubes. The remaining solid waste and slag falls below the boiler vessel water is discharged from there with tape. Consisting of combustion gases are sent from the chimney around 110-160 C after the heat thoroughly. It is directed to the steam turbine produced in the boiler. Steam production; The water is converted to steam by the heat effect process. The temperature of water and steam in the water source is the same. This temperature “saturation temperature” is called. Constant pressure must be given a heat source to provide a vaporization of a liquid. in this heat “latent heat” or “heat of vaporization” is called.

Classification of boilers used in heating plants is performed as follows, depending on various criteria.

According to the type of material used in the construction of an accident;
– Bulk sectionIsısan open source comal boilers
– Steel boilers

-used in the kind of fuel;
– Gas-fired boilers (natural gas)
– Liquid fuel boilers (diesel, fuel -OIL)
– Solid fuel boilers (coal, wood, etc.)

BURNING by the pressure of the chamber;
– Counter-pressure boilers
– Counter pressure boilers

-Heaters According to the type of fluid;
– Hot-water boilers
– Boiling water boilers
– Steam boilers

An accident when the structural design;
– Fire-tube boilers
– Flame-smoke tube boilers
– Smoke tube boilers
– Water tube boilers
– Boiler in terms of format;
– Half cylindrical boilers
– Full cylindrical boilers
– Prismatic package boilers

More detailed information about the boiler boiler and boiler types You can learn about.

Isısan Buderus Boiler Schemes

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