Global Climate Change Photography Contest Results

The winners of the photo contest Alarko Carrier’s Global Climate Change was evident.

on winning the photography contest in order to Alarko Carrier’s global climate change agenda it has been announced. As a result of its assessment, the jury had the final 13 photo contest themed on Global Climate Change. Canon EOS 70D 1’incilig winning Murat İbranoğlu the digital camera, 2. Wishes Alert Toshiba 13 N3KV air conditioning, 3rd Marine Nida Sener Toshiba 13 S3KV air conditioning was a gift.13 finalists winning, Alarko Carrier was awarded in the 2017 calendar.

Alarko Photo Contest

Competition 4th and 5th Aytül Fine Hasan Akbas, was rewarded with a Samsung Galaxy Tab to P550; 6. The Ceylan area Mohammed as Asus Smart Phone owner. Sort entering other seven finalists Erhan Hacıisaoğl of Caner Baser, Nuria Meadow, Banu Other, desire İbranoğl, while Ferhat iDog and Sevcan Curious D & R was given a gift card.

Sustainability with employees and industry with the aim to become a corporate culture Alarko Carrier, the study determines environmental awareness as the main target, emphasizing the Alarko Carrier General Manager Önder Şahin, “The concept of sustainability of economic development, we shapes in three areas, namely social development and the environment. For nearly 20 years, we stand out as a company spend money and effort on sustainability. In this context, we organized the 3rd ‘Global Climate Change’ with themed photo contest, we aim to draw attention to the changing climatic conditions. breaking a record in the competition this year, we carry on Instagram, was referenced in more than 2,760. Offer my thanks to everyone for their participation, I congratulate the winning. “He said.

Jury of the competition, Alarko Holding Board Member Leyla Alaton, Alarko Als Deputy Coordinator Alper Kaptanoglu artist Sukran Moral, Photographer sudden Steel Arevyan and Instagram phenomenon occurred from Ahmet Erdem.

Jury photos; compliance with the contest theme, creativity, and technical criteria evaluated by the expressive power.

Global Climate Change Photography Contest Results Winning More Photos

Global Climate Change Competition Results

Global Climate Change Competition Results 2

Alarko Carrier’s Global Climate Change Photography Contest Selection Committee Members

– Leyla Alaton – Alarko Holding Board Member
– Alper Kaptanoğlu – Alsim Alarko Deputy Coordinator
– Şükran Moral – Artist
– Ani Çelik Arevyan – Photographer
– Ahmet Erdem – Instagram Phenomenon

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