Exhaust System Description and Position

The exhaust system, the engine allows the expulsion of burnt gas into the atmosphere. the burnt gas in the cylinders commissioned study of the post to leave the car until they had called exhaust system.

The purpose of this system is to ensure the disposal of burnt gases into the atmosphere to the smallest resistance. In supercharged engines, the burned gases formed in the combustion in the cylinder exhaust manifolds, turbocharger turbine turns the turbine slams while leaving the cylinder and ejected through the atmosphere here.

Exhaust System

Exhaust System

Exhaust System Components

Exhaust system manifold , tubing, and fittings consist of the muffler.

Exhaust Manifold

The exhaust pipe and silencer in the flue gas path of the exhaust manifold tasks is to flush out the cylinder. Exhaust manifolds are now occurring combustion of gas cylinders designed to be taken very quickly, it is divided into pipeline systems to handle. The exhaust manifold outer cylinder separately, while the inner cylinder is made in such a way that an exhaust pipe on two rolls. Exhaust manifolds, exhaust gases, expands easily to be thrown backwards to the back pressure of cylinder is made to make volume growth. In addition, multi-cylinder engines at the same time, exhaust manifolds for his two cylinder exhaust is made in a way that allows the output from each of the exhaust gas braking. Manifolds, usually made of cast iron and aluminum alloys.

Exhaust manifold gaskets, the same used in the cylinder head gasket is made from the material.They are on asbestos, steel, copper, bronze plate pressed by coating the steel wire klingirik made by or on klingirik porated steel coating.

Exhaust and Intake Manifold

Exhaust and Intake Manifold

Exhaust Pipe

Burnt gases, before being discharged to atmosphere cools down because of the volume expansion and the amount of expansion in the manifold and exhaust pipe. The exhaust pipe is a steel pipe. Pipe front pipe itself is divided into three to the center pipe and the tail pipe. The volume of the exhaust pipe of a combustion engine cylinder capacity in order to be better out of the gas from the cylinder is up to 2 times.

Exhaust pipe

Exhaust pipe

Exhaust Silencers

Internal combustion engines with combustion exhaust gas of the resulting mufflers are utilized to reduce the noise. Muffler while slowly emptying of gas supply also allows them to cool down.Automobile engines respectively in the exhaust gases from the engine exhaust manifold, the exhaust pipe, through the help of the tail pipe muffler thrown into the back of the car’s atmosphere.

exhaust Muffler


Silencers are divided into smooth flow and reverse flow. nested in flat-flow muffler consists of several pipe. the pipe without the outer tube, a plurality of holes opened to mute audio and glass wool is filled between the tubes. The outside air is thrown its way with the help of the tail pipe smoke without changing the direction of the muffler into the muffler. in countercurrent muffler, inside the silencer box, a pipe and non-contiguous partitions. These chambers include cotton glass to absorb sound. Smoke entering the muffler is expanded back and forth, it cools after losing the voice and the speed comes out of the tail pipe.

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