Clean Water Installation Fittings

Clean water fittings have described in detail the pieces together and pipe fittings and related images are included.

– Elbows: in the installation is used in a coupling direction change. There are varieties of 90 ° and 45 °. the thread on the inside of both the mouth of the metal bracket is opened.
– T-piece: the three-way link and receive arms from a pipeline (T) bracket is used. screw was opened to the inside of the mouth with a metal pipe.
– Nipple: Combining the two fitting parts are close to each other. However, the male screw thread at both ends are opened.
– Fitting: consists of three parts and is a fitting for making connections without the need to rotate around the axis of the tube.
– Cuff: Clean water supplies are used and the inner tube is threaded fitting.
– Blind plug: used for closing the ends of the mouth of the pipes to be used or store.
– Reduction: a large diameter pipe, small diameter pipes used in the transition. A male end, at the other end has a female screw.
– Deveboynu: Used to be shifted in the direction of the pipe sewage system.
– Extension pieces and badges: used to extend the distance from the tap connection. The extension can be made from brass material 1-5C. A female end, the male screw and the other end is opened. Taps badge is an accessory used for the work being done is cosmetic. When the badge is attached before then replace a faucet taps and fittings, fitted on top of the man wrapped in linen thread.


Joining Clean Water Installation Parts

Figure – 1 Clean plumbing pipe fittings

Clean Plumbing Fittings

Figure – 2 Clean plumbing pipe fittings

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