What is ASHRAE ? What is ASHRAE Service Areas?

ASHRAE (American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) was founded in 1894; building installation systems, energy efficiency, indoor air quality is an international association working in the field of sustainability. The association provides technical seminars and workshops with the sharing of information and experiences globally.

One of the few organizations which has its own R & D programs in the world has over 52,000 members in more than 130 countries ASHRAE. The objectives of the Association; members to provide technical information they need to create standards and technical principles are required by the sector is to ensure the continuous training of professionals that make up the industry and the communications network.

which was established 14 regions in the world, with over 170 chapters and sections of the roof of the ASHRAE is the hosting site. This region has 12 of them American continent. The other two; Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, consisting of Taiwan and Thailand’s 13th District in India, UAE, Nigeria, Egypt, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Greece, Romania, Serbia, Poland, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Macedonia, Lebanon, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Spain and formed a new member Turkey and Cyprus ‘Region at Large’ is known as the wide Area. Founded in some parts of the national or specific geographical regions and parts, the members of the power they have given voice to announce the institutionalization of work on a global scale. This unit also facilitates the access of the members of the association’s training program attended by elite trainers and contributes to making the regional conference and allows for these events in their own countries.


In Turkey, the applicant stated that they wanted to establish a unit of ASHRAE members, 26-30 January 2013 between by the Council of ASHRAE members collected during the during the Winter Conference in Dallas, approved as of January 29, 2013, and thus ‘ASHRAE Turkish Section’ (ASHRAE Turkey part) it established called unit.

All over the world, which aims to give direction to the contribution to the sector and to the HVAC industry association in 2013 as Turkey Section 25 members operating in Turkey, industry professionals, began with respectable efforts of civil society organizations in academics and industry. providing a sufficient number of members in a short time Turkish Section, Turkish named the Chapter, influence and responsibility has been expanded.

ASHRAE Contact Information

1791 Tullie Circle, NE Atlanta, GA 30329
For Customer Service toll-free: (800) 527-4723 (US and Canada only)
Phone: (404) 636-8400
Fax: (404) 321-5478
Web: ashrae.org
Web: ashrae.org.tr (Turkey Unit)
Ashraya Membership: Membership Form

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