TMMOB Chamber of Mechanical Engineers 2018 Selection

The Chamber of Mechanical Engineers will be held on 13-14 January 2018. In the election, the general assemblies of all branches and general board elections will be held simultaneously. Branch General Assembly on January 13, 2018 and Branch Elections on January 14, 2018.Membership fee is not a barrier to voting and all registered members can vote.

TMMOB Chamber of Mechanical Engineers elections

We wish the elections to be beneficial to our country and to the nation with the support of our colleagues who will be elected and elected on the purposes of the below-mentioned Chamber of the Turkish Engineers and Architects Chamber of the Union of Chambers of Engineers and Architects published in the Official Gazette dated 15.03.2002 and numbered 24696.

The purposes of the chamber are:

a) in line with the benefits of the country and society; to carry out necessary investigations and investigations and make suggestions in order to ensure that the natural resources of the country are operated, production and quality are increased, the domestic industry is realized in accordance with the national interests,

b) To make opinions and suggestions on the development and industrial policy of our country, to carry out technical and scientific researches and present them to the benefit of the members and the industry, to make opinions and suggestions on the solution of the environmental problems of the country and to cooperate with other institutions and organizations ,

c) To carry out all kinds of technical and scientific studies in the fields of labor and worker safety, ergonomics, protection of the environment and production and management of the energy, calibration of measurement and test equipments and similar industrial research and development, to make and report the necessary measurements, tests and controls, and to provide certification activities for members of the Chamber for the benefit of the society, to establish practice centers and laboratories for research, training and testing,

d) To prepare technical documents such as technical specifications, type agreements and the like related to the profession areas, to examine and develop the ones prepared by other organizations, to make suggestions in line with the benefits of the country and society,

e) To ensure that the preparation and application of all kinds of researches, investigations, projects and reports related to the profession areas and the responsibility of technical implementation are carried out by the specialist mechanical engineers and examine, check and approve the technical rules compliance,

f) To make all kinds of initiatives in line with the development of quality understanding in order to ensure the production of industrial products in high quality, to direct and control the works to be carried out for this purpose, to make all kinds of initiatives in the works to protect consumers,

g) To represent Mechanical Engineers and Turkish Mechanical Engineers in Turkey and abroad,

h) To cooperate with the institutions that provide teaching related to the professions and to assist in the training of Machinery, Industry-Industry, Business, Aircraft, Aerospace and Space Engineers in the qualities and quantities that can meet the needs of the residents and to make proposals in these matters and to solve the problems of Mechanical Engineering education and Mechanical Engineering to organize activities for the development of the models, to organize the internships and training activities to prepare the students for the profession, to organize joint activities with the university lecturers and students in these subjects, to organize the activities for the students to participate in the activities of the professional chambers (student membership commission, etc.) to create,

ı) To train and document trainings by cooperating with the related institutions when necessary for the training of the technical staff at every level required by the industry in matters related to their profession.

j) To keep “specialist registration files” based on the work and supplementary learning of their members in their professional and scientific studies and to give expert and expertise to the public and private organizations and persons who request them when necessary,

k) To define the rights and authorities of the members in their professional fields, to ensure that these rights and privileges are implemented by protecting the profession and the members’ dignity, to prevent and prevent unfair competition and to enforce compulsory rules to protect the consumer,

l) To contribute to the employment processes according to their specialties and personal characteristics, to publish the minimum wage of the engineers of Machinery, Industry, Industry, Business, Aircraft, Aerospace and Space, to make the work and social security of the members and to take the necessary precautions,

m) To ensure that all necessary measures are taken in the workplace, minimum wage and living standards and similar matters in every area where members work,

n) Technical books, newspapers, magazines, etc. to publish publications, to watch publications coming out from this area and to present these publications to the members and the community, to carry out joint studies with other domestic and foreign institutions and organizations when necessary about publication,

o) ensuring that the objectives of the TMMOB are related to the Chamber,

p) Participation in the executive and legislative bodies of the Chamber on the above-mentioned purposes and duties, to report opinions and proposals, and to explain them,

national and international scale congresses, congresses, symposiums, fairs, exhibitions etc. in order to develop new and new national and international developments in their professional fields, to monitor and transmit discussions, to express professional problems, to inform the public,seminars, interviews etc. to contribute to the social-cultural development of the members.organize events.

We wish our colleagues who will take part in the committee to be successful in their new duties with the aim of continuing the TMMOB Chamber of Mechanical Engineers as an active organization to solve the problems of our country and society.

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