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Air conditioning after studies a variety of fresh air from the atmosphere plant is the device that sends locus. The air handling unit is produced in many types, but can be grouped under the following headings briefly.

– Damper Engine (fresh air and exhaust or mixture)
– Filter
– The heating coil
– The cooling coil
– Vantilator
– Aspirator

They may be in different units located outside plant them according to plant type and purpose, but mainly located in each air handling units above.

Air conditioning plant mixture: mix plant is capable of mixing air conditioning plant exhaust air to the desired amount of fresh air.

Exhaust air outside where exhaust air is close to the level of comfort than air mixed into the fresh air and fresh air damper will be less fresh air is trapped outside, we figured it out with a scenario;Outdoor air 39 degrees locus blow our air 24 degrees exhaust air is 27 degrees in this case, the cooling must do more cooling to be reduced to 24 degree air from outside is spending too much energy we all know so outside air exhaust air by keeping a minimum level of attention where you need to mix fresh air carbon dioxide or need VOC issues of exhaust air (Compound gases), carbon dioxide and if the amount is above normal VOC need to mix the exhaust air

Mixing the use of air conditioning plant sites;

– Locations where the toxic exhaust air. (Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Factory, etc.)
– Kitchens.
– The places where dirty exhaust air

Heat Recovery Air Handling: heat recovery air handling and exhaust air in the fresh air as in the physical heat recovery cell without mixing of air conditioning is giving their energy to each other.

Fresh Air conditioning plant: air conditioning plant is taken from the atmosphere şartlandırarak locus sender. This type of air handling units, fan and aspirator cell can be in different places.

1,000 to 110,000 m³ / h flow rate in the manufacturing of 12 different models and wide range of choice of being made dismantled thanks to the modular system is easy to transport and can be installed with the feature.

Air Conditioning Plant Working Principle

Air Conditioning Plant Working Principle

Cell Structure

Cells are manufactured in modular type, desired disassembled condition of each assembly shipped edilebilmektedir.hücre inside, seal the bolt with neoprene-based combination yapılmaktadır.hücr intermediate surface kullanılmaktadır.servis covers; It hinges, manufactured using clips or door handle edilmektedir.Bu materials corrosion sight glass on the service door of the cell is resistant yapıdadır.gerek, start – stop button, door switch and inside the luminaire labels mentioned specifications on the bulunmaktadır.cihaz bulunmaktadır.hücr are 2500 Pa pressure resistant and is designed to ensure sealing under the pressure.

Air Conditioning Plant Cell Structure


Custom manufactured using aluminum or anodized aluminum frame optional edilmektedir.1.000 – 15,000 m³ / h up to 40 frame plastic corners for devices that capacity; 15,000 m³ / h is larger than the capacity of the device frame 50 and aluminum cast corner pieces kullanılmaktadır.karkas consist of aluminum profiles at minimum2 mmette thickness.

Air Handling Framework


All panels are double-walled sandwich structure is manufactured edilmektedir.iç standard plate thickness is 0.60 mm. The outer surface of the panel as değişmektedir.standart by the outer hair thickness standard size PVC-coated galvanized steel for the yapılabilmektedir.izolasyo manufactured edilmektedir.ayrı of powder-coated panels using hair capacity by 20 to 25 are injected polyurethane in mmkalınlıg or proper thick stone direction is used.


Pre-curved, often imported poultry NICOTRA trademark of AT and ADH series; in NICOTRA brand as backward curved rare winged RDH series fans kullanılmaktadır.f and shaft dynamically balanced were followed haldedir.mil two bearing bedded on vaziyettedir.elektrik and fan cell assembly of bulunmaktadır.f the bases on a single base, yapılmaktadır.f with anti-vibration rubber pads blowing in mounting the cells of the mouth of the anti-vibration flexible bellows (connector) is used.

Electric Motors

The standard three-phase motors are used. (380V – 50Hz) if İstaenil when single phase motors are IP54 or IP55 protection kullanılabilmektedir.mot sınıflıdır.istenil dual-speed motors can be used.

Drive Mechanism

The drive pulley system of straps mekanizmalıdır.kayış narrow V kayıştır.kasnak conical clamping bush and dökümdür. did in 2211, it is in accordance with TS 148 standard.

Heat Exchangers

Heating and cooling exchangers, piping on their oluşmaktadır.kollekt of aluminum slats revised elements of anti-corrosif painted on steel guideways pipes from yapılmaktadır.eşanj their device to be able to move any air on the mount is edilmektedir.kollekt To install the purge sleeve depending on bulunmaktadır.isteg hot-dip galvanized steel edilebilmektedir.soğutuc steel pipe heat exchangers manufactured in poultry; direct ekspansiyonl copper pipe, to ensure a good way üretilir.freo evaporation of freon gas distributor as aluminum fins and capillary tube are içerir.eşanj least 12 atmospheres is subjected to hydraulic pressure test.

Drift eliminators and condensate pan

According to the conservative wings of the air passage rate in the coolant heat exchanger with PVC or aluminum fins drop holder kullanılmaktadır.da max. It has been designed to maintain the water out of the way, slide the device in alınabilmektedir.1,5 mm thick galvanized steel or optional stainless steel products from the condensate pan and heat exchanger size will drop into the holder together.


Steam and wet type humidification yapılabilmektedir.sul-type deflector section, water circulation pattern, separator section, tight control gate and a sufficiently large humidification pool is bulunmaktadır.seperat and deflector galvanized sheet, is made of aluminum profiles and PVC.


ASHRAE standards uygundur.filtr are E-2, E-3, E-4 standard in synthetic fibers; E-5, E-7, EU- 9 norm bag or EU-13, EU-14 hepa filtrelerdir.sentetik filters the norm, to provide the necessary filter surface in optimum velocity (VR format) düzenlenmiştir.standart filter unit is made of a synthetic filter. synthetic filter element can be easily removed by means of a private carrier skids temizlenebilir.torb and hEPA filters, sealing the active exchange of odors into the cell holder when mounted edilmektedir.istenil carbon panel filters are used.

Cell mixture and Dampers

They oluşmaktadır.damp the fresh air damper and synthetic filter elements from a maximum of 6m / sec seçilir.damp They are designed according to the air speed according to both handheld and servomotor control.

Exhaust Cell

Hand or motor driven, it runs opposite to each other; and indoor air contains exhaust air damper.


sound absorber plate in the characteristics of other cells as the constriction taşır.iç compartment; air flow, fan type, wing number, according to the frequency of the sound to be swallowed and violence are specially designed and are usually 10-20 cm oluşmaktadır.galva your glass wool inside these plates are made from the hair of the plaque or stone wool is used.

Heat Recovery Unit

Imported aluminum plate and drum type.

Air Handling Equipment

Explain that we mentioned briefly above the air handling unit in more detail. An air conditioning plant, the mobilization of air, cleaning, heating, cooling, moistening and drying (removal of moisture) is composed of units needed to. If we follow the path of the air conditioning plant, we are faced with the following elements:

1) Mix chamber 5) Moisturiser
2) The dust filter 6) Drift eliminators
3) Pre-heater 7) Last heater
4) Cooler 8) Fans

Air Handling Equipment

Mixing chamber

Air mixture in different rooms for mixing air in different physical conditions are chambers that make up the air with new physical properties. The mixing room air-conditioning plant, turn used to generate outside air mix system air with air, space Introduction to put air mixture cells are also two large side by side to be fed from the same plant used in the supply of air with different properties.

Purpose Energy Saving Air Mix Cell

With the aim of saving energy in air conditioning plants are needed to the mixing chamber. Especially mAlArIndA winter air, the outside air is warmer interior air out according excreted, carries out energy as it incorporates. Air conditioning central air installed via this energy, to benefit from at least a portion, thrown in the air in certain proportions outside air mixing chamber (upstream) with mixing, it is benefiting from the energy it carries. Thus, the resultant mixture was less to bring new air to the required terms of energy is wasted.

Energy savings for air mixing chambers are usually found at the top of the air conditioning plant. in adjusting the mix of air, the mixture to be used in the finned covers the air intake in the room. These caps are set air ratio of the mixture entering the chamber. air mixtures in the room where the air conditioning central air-conditioning summer by encouraging the same figure, a portion of the outside air is cooler than the air is mixed with the locality thrown mixing chamber outside air. Thus, the newly formed mixture is less energy to bring air into the summer climatic conditions. However, 100% fresh air is needed in some special places (operating theaters etc.), there is no need to confuse the room.all areas of the system such as this is taken as the fresh air outside.

Multipurpose Air Mix Cells

In multi-channel systems of an air conditioning system fed from a central power plant, the air is needed locations in different physical conditions for obtaining air at the desired temperature and flow rate, air mixing cells in different structures and properties in the space input is used. air mixture cells in high-pressure air conditioning systems usually placed in the bottom window. Blowing air by controlling the mechanical or fully automatic, it is blown into the physical setting of the desired value.The location of the cell mixture in the high-pressure air conditioning systems in two different physical properties, were carried out using two separate channels, and is blown by mixing locus where the mixing cell.

Air Handling Multiple mixture Cell

Dust filter

Cycle for cleaning the ambient air, the mixture is generally placed in a room behind the dust filter.Filters according to the purpose; Panel filters: Galvanized steel sheets are used as pre-filters in synthetic fiber material oluşmaktadır.h framed the type of ventilation system. Bag filters: These filters are suitable for use in synthetic fibers with high efficiency and very gradual filtrelerdir. difficult conditions. HEPA filters: Hospitals are filters that are specially designed for the pharmaceutical and food factories.


Preheater is a heating unit which is usually in the winter. Externally absorbed moisture pre-heating is necessary to increase low outside air dehumidification capacity before the humidifier inlet. The heaters are classified according to the location of heat sources.

Heaters by Location

Weather certain temperature can take in a certain amount of moisture. necessary to heat the air for more moisture. For this purpose air conditioning is called a pre-heater placed before moisturizer to the central heating.

2 position in the following manner come to the air when compared to the 1 position 1 position x as it gets more moisture. For this purpose, if the rate of air entering the system to the desired value, which is passed through a preheater before the humidifier, the heater is used only for the purpose of installing more moisture into the air. if sufficiently moist air entering the system, or the temperature is high enough; pre-heater is turned off.

AHU preheater

Last Heaters
It is the end of the main heating air heating systems. After the plant locus moisturizer income and the air is used in order to meet the temperature requirements.

AHU Last Heater

Heating by Heat Source

Steam and Hot Water Heaters
Hot water and steam heaters are generally the same in terms of structure. Such heaters iron, are made from copper or aluminum. the entire heater, as the same material, usually copper tubing, the flaps are produced in aluminum.

Electric Air Heaters
The most practical and easy form of heating is electric heating. In general, small-capacity operation, electric heaters are used where it is not available in the application of aqueous and vapor systems.

Electric heaters are placed on the air conditioning duct was prepared as a box, like the other parts of the plant. When present in protected form electrical terminals outside the box, heater parts (resistors) into the box are arranged at different profile shape.

Possibly electric heaters round, square, rectangular, rod and plate are manufactured in the form of the magnitude of the heat transfer surface, the air flowing through the conduit is important to heat more quickly.

Gas Air Heaters
System air in the steam and gas heater as in aqueous systems, not indirectly heated by direct gas fuel. Here, the system should be considered in conjunction with the gas burner. A portion of the conduit, the oxidizer gas burned-shaped stove air is heated directly.

In this system, attention should be paid to the quality of the materials used in the burner to heat the air and especially heat-resistant materials should be selected. Also; Complete combustion is not achieved in the system if the formation of moisture in the heating wall, leading to corrosion of the walls and quickly decay. very good ventilation of the boiler in order to ensure complete combustion, or should be left to sufficient air chimney. Same way; in the smoke flue need not have the desired properties. So complete combustion event will occur, the system efficiency will increase.

The heat exchanger of the gas-fired air heaters should never be considered to be sealed. Otherwise, the heating system, air heaters use gas waste is mixed. This scene from the future with the use of heated air would be dangerous to health.

Cooling Machine Air Heaters
Cooling machine air heaters are more economical in small-capacity systems. condenser of the cooling machine (condenser) into the channel portion is positioned exactly as it is in water or steam heaters. Cooling machine evaporator (evaporator) drawn from environments where heat is transferred through the duct system placed inside the condenser air. Thus, the system air-flowing channel becomes overheated removing heat from the power of the cooling machine.

Air Handling Unit Cooler

Air Coolers

Construction and placement of the duct is just like air coolers with hot water and steam air heaters.refrigerants as the structure is similar to the heater. The speed of the water flowing through the pipe when cold water is used as a refrigerant, should be slightly higher than the heater.


The lower limit of the control area from the comfort of the air relative humidity conditions required to be 35-40%. Therefore, in case the locus of the system humidity air to moisten the case of above and below these limits must be taken of the moisture. Humidifying rooms, bringing the locus of comfort conditions in the humidity of the air comfort systems for use with the aim of textiles Besides, tobacco and are quite important as they provide humid air needed in industrial areas such as the leather industry. “Humidification chamber” While it is synonymous with the moistening of air from the system, humidification chambers may be used for different purposes. In some cases, humidification room “air scrubber” as it is called. Because the system is directly in contact with water in the air humidifier is washed at the same time.

Passing through the central air conditioning system with air humidification can be dampened overall in three different ways in the room. These;
1) Water spray dampening
2) Water system humidification
3) is determined as steam humidification.

Drift eliminator

The task of retaining placed after Hydrating drops, the output of washing and moisturizing the water used and who have not entered the air within the droplets to prevent the penetration of air circuit.

Last heater

Moisture from the air outlet, the inlet air must contain the percentage of water (the specific humidity) must be reached. Thus, this specific humidity of the air heater in summer and heating in winter sufficient level remains constant. Air conditioning installation in the event of a local heating is higher than the inlet temperature of the space temperature, otherwise that air conditioning is a need to refresh the scene, space temperature is kept lower than the inlet temperature.
Silencers are in different ways:
1) Sink (absorption) silencers
2) Sound dampening muffler
3) Reflective (reflecting) silencers.

Fans (Fan, Aspiration)

Air and other gases 30 000 N / m2 (Pa) to a machine that can transfer up to pressure “fan” is called.Fans in general body, wheels and wings are composed of three main parts, including the drive motor. If printing fan air mahale the market “fans” and if the air absorbs locality puts out “hood” as they are called.

Air fans are manufactured in three different ways according to the intended use:
1- Snail (Radial = Radial)) fans
2- Thrust (Axial = Axial) fans
3. Other current (I = kuerģıtro Querstro I) fans

Air Handling Unit Scheme

Air Handling Unit

Automation of Air Handling units

How I want to tell the main air handling automation in the subject after learning the basics about air conditioning plants. We all want to live in a comfortable environment as we Bilgiği optimal comfort to human body temperature is between 21-23 degrees. The purpose of automation is to provide a level of comfort with minimum expense. All air handling units are available in commercial buildings. The automation made air handling units can think in 2 parts

1. Classic Automation: each control unit in classical automation of one or more air-conditioning control device according to the program loaded into the plant.

Classic Automation Cons
– The device must be reprogrammed to make outside intervention.
– Scenarios are fixed.
– Haberleşmesiz because there is no possibility of remote monitoring system.
– What you can do is the input-output of the device.
– Input and output ports are not universal. (Generalization)

Advantages of Classical Automation:
– Lower the investment costs.
– It does not require much maintenance.
– It is the ideal scenario in which the system is limited.

2. SCADA: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) means: Data-Based Control and Surveillance System with SCADA My recipe is to be as close as a click of a whole system.

Scad when there is a logic one or more device control system or the system as a local on your own with all of these devices a communications protocol with each other and the host (this can be a computer or other device) with haberleşleş They include a screen image on the host computer, this screen is a convenient way to control the image display system is done through formal monitoring and controls. Air conditioning come back to plant automation we are shown a number of points through the air handling automation.

1. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin BULUT, Classification of Air Conditioning Systems, Air Handling Unit

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