Vacuuming the cooling circuit

Vacuuming the cooling circuit for the pressure test,installation technology and air-conditioning cooling systems branch of the gas will be able to choose the simple cooling circuits and cooling systems.

You’ll learn how to do that with the application of pressure testing activities. You will have basic knowledge on how to work without damaging the environment and people in the environment. The issues with the technical information given in the application made in the market of leak detection method will provide a better understanding of what happened. One of the other and most important issue in our module is the introduction of instruments and apparatus used in the process of vacuum cooling system and use.

Every day, valuable technological developments will bring young people in vocational training in the framework of the right technical knowledge and practical learning with professional success. The individual will work in a particular technical field should be more sensitive in this regard. You can also open and human life, you have taken our time to develop a profession which is an important step.

This learning material on the subject is intended to provide a solid foundation for your professional progress of disposal.

Vacuuming the cooling circuit has been prepared by Svet, the Ministry of Education is provided free of charge. Installation Technology and Air Field is published under the title.

This publication, vocational and technical training schools / institutions involved in order to gain competencies in the curriculum framework as applied in individual learning material is designed to provide guidance to students.

Vacuuming the cooling circuit


Vacuuming the cooling circuit

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