Shelter Ventilation Principles

Shelter importance of ventilation systems and technological power in parallel to the development and capabilities of today’s weapons and weapon systems has also increased. This is the natural result of which disappeared with the whole concept, such as front and borders, it has entered into all homes and civilians attacked area. Besides this the greatest danger of the Armed Forces will take measures and other measures it should be emphasized in the shelter construction. Otherwise, much of the loss of life and property would be subject. However, the benefits expected from the shelter before the shelter construction to ensure the following three important principles must necessarily be taken into consideration. [one]

better detection of the scene to be -Sığınak.
Planning in advance will benefit from -Sığınak.
It can be used for any other purpose that the shelter will -made.

Bunkers, nuclear and conventional weapons, biological and chemical warfare agents of influence from and of course people from disasters, people living and maintain necessary animate and inanimate assets for the continuation of the war power is the country where protection was built for the purpose.

In order to provide shelter conditions must possess certain characteristics:
-Patl resistance requirement,
Sızdırmazlılıg-gas is
– Water tightness ,
-Electromagnetic Radiation resistance to shock and ensure insulation.
-Foreign atmosphere by creating an artificial atmosphere in the refuge is uninhabitable state must provide minimum support to get rid of people.

in bunkers, Public Works and on the Establishment and Duties of the Ministry of Housing on 180 of Decree Law No. 12 / E substance with the 3194 Zoning Law and the Law 36 and 44 Article in accordance with Public Works and Prime Ministry Disaster and the Ministry of Housing and Emergency Management prepared by the Presidency ” shelter Regulations “are.

Legislation regarding bunker link: Policy

The structure of the implementation of the Regulations governing the use of licenses and permits are authorized and responsible for building management. Governor’s Office and the Metropolitan Municipality of the necessary supervisory powers reserved.

plan the implementation of the Regulation, project, building permits, construction, occupancy permits and floor on issues hesitations about the land as the property of Public Works and Housing Ministry, the written opinion of the Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency in other matters are taken.

Shelters and Shelter Ventilation Requirements

Shelter Types

Shelters; Use including bunkers and Purpose by who will fall into two groups:

• Use by who will Shelters
• Private shelters: at home, in the basement of the factory are made in public and private establishments and institutions or garden. sitting here who used to protect and serve.
• General havens: where the public community too to or for the protection of the currently located externally (bazaar, market, garage, harbor, such as stations) in the room where there is heavy traffic, the government, are made jointly by the municipality and the government.
• Shelters According to Purpose
• Pressure shelters: sudden nuclear weapons (light, heat, pressure, and initial radiation) and waste (radioactive fallout) the impact, the effect of classic and modern weapons, chemical and shelters are built to protect against biological warfare agents.
• fallout shelters: shelters are built to protect against the effects of radioactive fallout from nuclear weapons. These shelters; chemical and biological warfare agents, the weak pressure and temperature effects of nuclear weapons and conventional and they also provide protection against the effects of modern weapons parts.

Materials Needed Finding shelter

a certain amount of time to pass gas or chemical effects of radioactive fallout outside of the product may be obliged to stay in the shelter. Therefore, considering the whole life in the shelter needs should be organized accordingly and the following measures should be taken and materials;

◦ personal clothing according to the season, cleaning and toiletries,
◦ bed material, “foodstuffs sufficient for a few days, drink and use water for hand buckets, plates, cups, spoons, forks, etc.
◦ lighting material; lantern, flashlight and spare batteries etc.
◦ gas stove to cook food,
◦ heating device,
◦ to put off the mouth of the trash bin,
◦ sanitary supplies, first aid kit and necessary medications,
◦ Simple tools and repair kit,
◦ battery-operated radio and extra batteries, watches,
◦ books etc. some entertainment equipment,
◦ If possible, simple radiation measuring instruments [1]

After this brief introduction to shelter under legislation ventilation name, the article contains the definitions and shelter accounts [2] peek.


shelter Ventilation

1- AFAD, Shelter Ventilation
2- Celalettin KIRBAŞ, Mak. Eng. , Architecture and Mechanical Ventilation in Shelter Design Principles

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