MIT Hygienic Diaphragm Expansion Tank

Heating Cooling industry leading provider of Ekin Endüstriyel offered for long-term investments at the end of work and the MIT Hygienic Diaphragm Expansion Tank series on the market.

Expansion Tanks is an installation that provides pressure control equipment in the plumbing system and water supply ‘. production between 8LT 10,000 LT made MIT sanitary diaphragm expansion tank series honored as the solution of bacteria in the water waiting to accumulate in plants, ordinary rubber is expected to be more hygienic use water membranes instead of using EPDM and Butyl rubber membrane.

10,16,25 and bar options offered under the Industrial Attachment 2 year warranty Hygienic series of Membrane Expansion Tank Flange (mm): 80-110 is the height (mm) 195.

Hygienic Expansion Tank

Expansion Tank Working Principle

With the widespread use of natural gas use in the rapidly growing expansion tanks in Turkey, he has entered our country in the early 1990s.

Today, established at least one expansion tank is used for each boiler. The expansion tank has become a standard part of both the booster and the installation of a heating system. In these tanks, boilers and small capacity device such as floor heating, it is used as indispensable as integrated directly into the product. Smooth and stable, which is an indispensable part of the system working at MIT Expansion Tanks with a capacity of tanks used in small devices, there is no difference between.The working principle is the same.

These are listed below;

• Membrane Tank
• The expansion tank (or tank)
• Off Expansion Tank
• Expansion tank (or tank)
• Equilibrium Tank (and metals)

Expansion tanks are produced with balloon membrane and diaphragm membrane. Diaphragm membrane tank water makes contact with the sheet. The diaphragm membrane tanks are available only in closed-circuit heating systems. Because the system only fresh water is taken during the first run. Then the water system remains constant. oxygen in the water, radiators, boilers and makes very little corrosion of the tank walls. But it will not advance oxygen finished rust. If the aperture diaphragm tank booster if the equipment installed, corrosion of the continuous fresh water coming into the tank and the tank is called is very fast.

The balloon-type membranes are not in contact with water plating. Always located in the membrane.Thus, balloon-type membranes used in heating systems in both the booster system. Balloon types of membranes with small capacity is strapless. But in large type membrane is suspended from above.

The expansion tanks are used in closed loop gas or oil-fired heating systems. Because these systems are precisely controlled fuel supply and the entire system runs on electricity. If the power fails, everything stops and starts to cool immediately won. So there is no danger of uncontrolled temperature increase. nitrogen tank, air can also be printed. Nitrogen gas is preferred that the expansion tank is pressed. But construction sites or building has barely compressed air. In addition, nitrogen is already 75-78% of the air. Therefore, we think there is no problem in the use of the air.

The preferred due to the nitrogen gas are listed below.

• Nitrogen membrane water diffusion is slower than oxygen. It can therefore remain in the tank for longer.
• It is not corrosive like nitrogen oxygen. Gas supplies from the tank into the water in the heating system does not cause corrosion.
• Tank No need to be pressed into the formula to calculate the air pressure.

Sultan Gazi Hospital Annex MIT Industrial brand will continue and Project

That domestic production with expert engineers in the field of industrial crop storage tank, boiler Sultan area was included in the heating and cooling project Veterans Hospital.

Ugur Mumcu in the neighborhood of 46 thousand 500 m2 built on an area of “Smart Hospital”; Ekin Endüstriyel, ” MIT ‘preferred products.

Sultangazi HospitalSultangazi Hospital

Sultangazi Municipality provided the land for his studies zoning practices and hospital consists of 160 thousand m2 construction area. A total of 600 beds, including 200 female births State Hospital is expected to be completed within 15 months of construction.

Production capacity, innovative design, engineering services, before and after sales customer-oriented approach Annex is located in a number of projects with industrial ‘MIT’ products, aims to offer solutions by signing the giant project with advanced technology principles in heating-cooling in Turkey.

Source: Ekin Endüstriyel

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