Fundamentals of Heating Installation

Heating installation basics of presentation techniques involve the issues below.

– Components of the heating system
– Energy Sources and Heat Producers
– Heat Distribution
– Indoor heating systems: single and double pipe systems, Tichelmann or Triple Pipe system,
– Mobile systems and underfloor heating system
– Pipes in the heating system types
– Pipe diameter selection
– Insulation selection
– 3-way mixing valve selection
– Circulation pump, shunt pump and Z-pump selection
– Radiator Selection
– The thermostatic valve assembly and mode of operation
– Pump Selection
– Safety equipment in closed hot water heating systems
– Diaphragm expansion vessel selection
– The safety valve selection
– Hydraulic header when it is necessary and how it is resized?

Heating Installation Fundamentals of Technical Presentation

In our article in the heat distribution system and importance of which is located in the presentation, we would like to emphasize.

The single-pipe system Heat Distribution
Advantages: – Simple and cost-effective system.
Disadvantages: – inlet temperature of the radiators connected to the series, reduced pipeline progresses. Even the next radiator sizes even though the heating power is reduced. – Even the temperature drop would be too much for the number of radiators can be connected in series is limited. – Radiators connected in series (high resistance) due to the high power consumption of the pump because a pump power required is greater.

Double-pipe heat distribution system
– Is the most widely implemented systems in existing buildings and used state
– Inlet temperature of the radiators connected in parallel, progress remains the same pipeline. Even that would not diminish the other radiators
– Radiators connected in parallel (low resistance) does not need a pump because of high power. The pump head is only critical (most unfavorable in terms of resistance) is determined by the pressure loss of limbs or even that.

Tichelmann or Triple Pipe system Heat Dissipation
Tichelmann or Triple Pipe system is an alternate embodiment of the dual pipe system. The total length of the line from rotating and collectors from each radiator is equal to the collector. The shortest way to the radiator line has the longest return. The longest line is going to have the radiator soon return.
– Tichelmann or Triple Pipe system ensures the same level flow from each radiator. This system is not inefficient radiators. There is no need to do the regulating valve on each radiator.

Heating Installation Fundamentals of Technical

Source: Viessmann Academy,Heating Installation

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