Fire and Smoke Dampers


Fire and smoke dampers are equipped with air conditioning and ventilation systems, and the fire in the neighboring wall gateways carry a risk of colon distinction operator input and outputs, oily exhaust fumes in the channel; is used to prevent the spread of fire and smoke

Today, as fire protection, structural engineering and materials methods also vary. Smoke spread rapidly and control methods. This system is for use in smoke dampers. NFPA 101 Life Safety Code relating to fire protection, NFPA 90 A Standard for the Installation of Air Conditioning and Hoods.ventilating Systems and NFPA 13 Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems. When the first should be the standard, when determining when the next two standard systems of this shows how to do it. Fire dampers are American standard applicable UL 555. This standard within the scope of the fire damper with a report of a fire in the design of air conditioning and ventilation system was turned off, and then when there’s no fire damper of air flow in the channel comes in. UL 555 S is based on the smoke damper and a sealing class. Later developments and can be used as both fire and smoke damper combined dampers. Trying to serve today’s dampers is the HVAC system. Today, there are four types of fire and smoke damper is used.

1-Fire damper,
2-Ceiling fire damper,
3-Smoke damper,
4-Combined fire smoke damper.

In addition, as the fire dampers must separate dynamic and static. Dynamic dampers have airflow, while being able to.
Fire damper, damper migration clearances of facility types, details regarding the symbols and practices SERVING KING COUNTY SINCE 1939 “Fire, Smoke and Radiation Damper Installation Guide for HVAC Systems” can be referenced to a publication.
Yangın ve Duman Damperleri

Fire Dampers

These dampers air distribution system will also normally open. When a certain warming air flow and to prevent the spread of flames, it switches off automatically. Automatic power-off is usually with the help of a fusible link. As this link damper spring force against the Board. Temperature effect of divorce and spread the ice damper closes. According to the aforementioned standard or equivalent must have been tested and approved. Damperlerin plant as in Figure 6.19. Fire dampers screen type, disc type or it may be a lot of winged types. Figure 6.20 when samples in vertical fire damper is in Figure 6.21 when instances of horizontal type fire damper. Figure 6.22 is used for fire dampers in round pipes. (Figures have been added to the end of the article.)

Smoke Dampers

Smoke dampers to prevent the passage of smoke. In General, as can be seen in Figure 6.23 valve type are made in the form of winged more or type. Work is typically happens with automatic control.Therefore the motors. Smoke damper of motor control,

a) Smoke detectors ,
b) Control Center manually,
c) according to the given building automation program is carried out as the computer control center.

UL 555 S according to the standard smoke damper: 0, I, II, III and IV is divided into five sealing class. The amounts of these classrooms are given in table 6.24 oozing. Accordingly, nuclear facilities such as the damper 0 class absolute sealing used in desired location. Building HVAC installations typically II and III class dumpers are used. For example, she is in this supply and exhaust dampers in the channel. Only return air exhaust with feeding stations between (recirculation) link I class dampere. Smoke dampers must work against the flow of air. Therefore, tests according to this dynamic.

Tightness Class The amount of spoofing m³/s. m²
0.25 kPa Pressure 1 kPa Pressure
0 0 0
I 0.02 0.04
II 0.05 0.10
III 0.20 0.40
IV 0.30 0.60

Smoke Damper Sealing Class

Damper Bağlantıları

Damper Şekilleri

Yangın Damperleri

Yuvarlak Tip Yangın Damperleri

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