Definition and Characteristics of Manifold

A pipe system connected to the side of the cylinder block or the cylinder head of the engine by the manifold valve arrangements in the intake and exhaust manifold is divided into two parts.

In order to maintain the motor works constantly needs fresh air. Weather systems that meet the needs of the engine’s fresh air. Intake and exhaust manifold forms, has a very close relationship with the valve arrangement of the engine. Although still in very special for each cylinder individually the intake and exhaust manifold pipe made engines, usually close to each other, made in the form of a suction pipe for the two cylinders. Exhaust manifolds to separate the outer cylinder, and the inner cylinder is made in such a way that a two cylinder exhaust pipe.


Intake Manifold Features

Intake manifold duties, carbureted engine, or a mixture prepared in single-point fuel injection, or in a multi-point fuel injection system of diesel to bring to the air cylinder.

Intake manifolds, carburetor or fuel injection system, are made equal distance from the cylinder.Equal in amount to each cylinder must be able to uniformly and evenly heat the mixture or air. Intake manifold pipe, cylinder block the airflow to the mixture and the inner surfaces are smooth and curved corners shaped so sweet is made as to send air to the intake manifold pipes or excessive mix cylinder. Intake manifolds are often made of cast iron or aluminum alloy.

Air Filters

Cleared through entering the engine air filter.


to start the engine intake manifold of the engine cylinder immediately enter a large amount of air. It’s pretty much considered to be dust in the air, the sand particles are found. This gives a lot of dust and sand particles will damage the engine if sent to the cylinder. These air filters are used to prevent ingress of dust and sand particles to the engine cylinders. These filters are connected to the air inlet end of the intake manifold. Filter cleaned leaving the impurities carried by the air passing through the element into the cylinders form of dollars. Another task of the air filter is also likely to bring about quickly cut the sound of the air entering the intake manifold.


– Dry-type air filters

felt filter media for air filters, fibers, fine or tightly woven screen, glass fiber may be made of fabric and paper. This character is composed of high efficiency dust filters. On the other hand increases the amount of resistance to keep dust and multiply when air flow must be cleaned or replaced.

At the end of each washing efficiency can be increased because they are washable, made from metals. Fiber, also made of felt and glass fiber filter is usually thick and deep. Such filters be cleaned when they get dirty very difficult.

Dry Air Filter

Paper filters are saturated with resin. cleaning efficiency of this filter is approximately 99.6 ~ 99.9%.Contaminated filters are cleaned by pressurized air. However, the very fine pores of the paper element that should be considered and clogged with dust filter must be replaced.

– Oily types of air filters

Many species of the lubricating oil in a reservoir in the filter and above this, there is an upper chamber in which the steel wool. Air enters the upper middle cavity during filter operation and passes through the oil in the oil tank. During this transition lubricating oil in the tank up, it pushed strongly toward the curtain element. Air curtain element and provides the second oil spill by separating tank again. separating a majority of the powder in the sudden change of flow direction, and causes air stored in the bottom of the filter.

Oil Type Air Filter

This type of air filter has to be cleaned frequently. Cleaning operations in the oil tank is removed and poured dirty oil, the filter residue and dirt after cleaning, clean oil-filled to a certain level.

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