What is Mechanical Installation ?

Mechanical Installation is a set of structures and components that make up the structure of the internal systems to improve the living standards of construction and comfort. Of mechanical engineering is the branch of engineering activities within the area.

This can be compared to the arterial system of the people. Our body, our skin covering the exterior of the building, in our bones we compare the building columns and beams; circulating in the body and the blood vessels that make up a mechanical system installation can say.

Mechanical Installation Services and Livable Buildings

We can summarize as follows: general Mechanical Installation system design services.
– Heating Installation
– Plumbing
– Fire Systems
– Air Conditioning Installation
– Ventilation System
– Solar Power Installation
– Natural Gas System
– Elevator Installation
– Compressed Air Installation
– Medical Gas Installations
– Laundry and kitchen facilities
– Steam, Kondends, Hot Water and Hot Oil Facilities
– Pool facilities
– Mechanical Automation
– Fenner Inspection

plan for other mechanical and all kinds of heat equipment of buildings and facilities, projects, pictures, calculations and tender dossier preparation and they all kind of technical inspection and supervision services related to the implementation of laws and regulations, technical and vocational general principles and adapt according to the interests and It is done in unison.

Mechanical Installation design, consulting engineers who work or check the following points to be able to provide habitable structures.
– Comfortable conditions
– Functionality
– Reliability
– Strength
– Long life
– Compliance with advanced technology
– Low costs for initial investment
– Ease of installation
– Ease of use and maintenance
– Expansion elverişlik
– Energy-saving
– Environmental sensitivity
– Delivery availability

Some programs used in Mechanical Installation sector;
– Microstation
– Microsoft Excel (Visual Basic)
– Revit Mep
– MagiCAD
– Omnicad
– AX3000
– Hourly Analysis Program (Carrier Hap)
– E.solutio’s, Vrv Express Lats Multiverse
– Aladin Chimney Program
– TGUB, Izod, MMO Insulation

Related photos in the plumbing industry;

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valvesFire Escape Pressurization

In the light of scientific guidelines, knowledge will be active in the development of our country with the use of more effective and widespread, mechanical engineers who want to get involved in the mechanical installation sector, we wish success to our friends.

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