Refrigerant Gas Filling

Refrigerant cooling plant in the cooler before cooling systems not completely pressure test should be applied. Pressure test, the first installation and gas system should be carried out after any of the system in terms of.

Cooling systems, leaks, or first Assembly and maintenance operations subsequently caused fluid to complete the reduction of refrigerant fluid arises the installation requirement. A make sure that the correct amount of free system was installed during the installation process, tube or method of tubes is to weigh.

Required Safety Rules to a Cooling System Pressure

– Fit the safety glasses.
– Umeda pressurizing the cooling system 02 and never use acetylene (Caution: Oxygen will explode on contact with oil. If it explodes on the acetylene to 15 psi.)
– Never use a dry nitrogen regulator. (Caution: Nitrogen pressure tubes contain more than 2000 psi.)
– You Never direct application of heat or pressure roller system.
– During cooling system leak test should never be pressurized above 150 psig.

Required Control Steps to Determine Whether the leak in a cooling system

– Check the evaporator temperature.
– Check the pressure of the suction line.
– Check the high side pressure. (Note: Pressure readings are not factors indicating a lack of fluid alone.)
– Showing grease stains
– Bubbles and flow disruptions seen in the liquid line

Refrigerant Installation Description Of Operation

– A cooling fluid tube with a suitable hose is connected directly to the suction side of the compressor.
– The retention and loading hose upright to prevent the liquid tube is provided not be cleaned before connecting to the system.
– Loading valve and cylinder valve opens.
– The compressor runs.
– Monitoring the compressor suction tube meter valve is adjusted to give a low positive pressure.
– Run the compressor to install the system.
– The outside of the bottom of the tube is emptied of the liquid still present, ice starts.
– When a sufficient amount of refrigerant added to the system;
– Cylinder valve is closed, loading valve is closed, the compressor will be stopped.
– If the refrigerant capacity of the plant is not known or partial loading facility appeared to be made of the system will install the full installation of the following cases.
– Observing the monitoring of refrigerant flow, bubbles formed, or when it comes to permanent status
– Followed in a liquid tank level sight glass level, if it shows all the glass area of about one-third

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