Natural Gas Service Box Types

Service box facility is that they fly to the physical conditions (wall-mounted service box, floor-standing service box) needed by the gas flow and the needs of S 200, S 300, there are 200 types of CES.

service box types

Service Box and Regulator Types

S 200 Type Service Box

S 200 types of boxes, cans are narrow type. They leaned against the wall of the building or garden.inside the B25 can be placed regulator 1, including 30 singles B50 or BCH. Regulators 1 – 4b, which use pressure of the gas pressure 21 mbar or 300 mbar “a decrease.

S 200 in the Wall, a natural gas pipe lumps under cathodic protection can be carried out while the stroke is made. In case the box from the pipe below ground stroke, regardless of the quantity of the remaining portion of land under cathodic protection application must be made.Wall-mounted box of service link building line connection to be made with flexible steel spiral hose.Flexible connection while the regulator outlet pipe connection with building the pipeline should be on the same axis.

S 200 Service Box

S 300 Type Service Box

S 300 types of boxes are large boxes. inside the double, triple and quadruple regulator can be inserted batteries.
S 200 box can be done in hand drilling done in this case. Soil under the remaining steel pipes PE coating (available from PE or PE winding hot) and against corrosion with cathodic protection, both at the point of need should be taken under the protection against mechanical shock and strain using a steel sheath.

S 300 Type Service Box

CES  200 Type Service Box

CES 200 types of boxes are embedded types of boxes. but inside the B 2, B 50 or BCH30 single regulator can be placed, including 1.

CES Box 200 Type Service

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