Mechanical Failure Causes and Remedy Compressor

Compressor mechanical failures, system capacity, operation and component costs, should be solved by paying attention to factors such as maintenance costs.

Conditioners repair all the damage to the compressor when it comes to their ear that we were in the system is not possible. Instead of compressor failure in such a situation with the same characteristics of a new compressor is to replace.This increases the cost of such a fault elimination.For this reason more exposed mechanical failure of the repair of defective compressor of malaria is necessary to understand very well.

Compressor Mechanical Failure Causes

– Harmful chemical solutions in the system (water, acid, a substance that occurs with oil separation)
– Solid particles that cause damage in the piping is not cleaned
– Non-condensable gases (particularly oxygen)
– Fluid return Compressor Refrigerant arrive
– Liquid overflow in the condenser

Compressors eliminate the causes that led to failure of the system’s most important road first built in the pressure test, sweeping the installation and largely prevented with a good vacuuming. you definitely need to jump in after the periodic maintenance of the air conditioner.

As a result of the vacuum system made a good roll in the remaining non-condensable gases (nitrogen, air, carbon dioxide) will result in acid formation. In particular, the air is very dangerous to remain. In case of operation at high temperatures react with our air conditioning device that air will cause the formation of hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acid. Air conditioning with cooling systems in the catalytic effect of impurities (copper, iron and welding residues) brings temperature increases occur decomposing acid with refrigerant. Moreover welding or silver soldering material paste while using acid salts that contain these salts refrigerant makes and form acid by chemical reaction with the compressor oil. An excessive increase in the temperature of the cooling system is one of our main problems. It infects all items from the overtemperature system or softens, melts and also facilitates the interaction between these ingredients. This effect of temperature increase doubles for every increment of 10 OC temperature. Therefore, not only the extreme temperature of the material in the system deteriorate and decay of these substances also leads to bring the by-products formed by the mutual influence. These by-products are formed as new catalyst will accelerate the degradation affecting normal operation.

Copper Plating Mechanical Failure

Picture 2.15 attractions copper to coat the compressor cylinder base

Conditioners result of this acid formation may occur in the cooling system leads to the deposition of the compressor oil. This oil is doing its job and can cause a variety of lubrication system failure wander. Another effect of the acid in the system is also covering events of copper (see Fig. 2.15).bed winding mechanical parts of the compressor As a result, it can cause damage to the crankshaft and connecting rod breakage. The compressor discharge valve acid destruction is the place most quickly affected and damaged. Because the temperature of this region is where most chemical reactions in the system and will be here. These are very common reason to press the valve failure.Metals entering the resulting hydrochloric and organic acids, metal wall system directly causes corrosion. Another reason is the mechanical failure arrival of liquid refrigerant to the suction of the compressor. This is the passage of the liquid refrigerant in the compressor valves and still manifests itself with a sharp metallic knocking and shaking. This situation does not intervene immediately broken valve, piston, connecting rod fragmentation, blast seals, cause damage such as splitting the body. This event usually happens when the first compressor starts to work. Return liquid fluid coming serpentines in squalid conditions, in the system it can be caused by excessive refrigerant charge and fan failure. Over-made gas charge will cause the fluid to the fluid overflow and high operating temperatures.

In addition to acid formation of moisture into the system faster as the expansion element of the cooling system (usually capillary tube with air conditioning) freeze and cause partial or complete blockage. This will cause rapid damage to our the compressor as a priority in our cooling system.The installation of air conditioning installation in the remaining installations during the copper pipe swarf, dirt, dust, a good sweep method of welding and oxidation residues (nitrogen, using carbon dioxide) to the installation must be cleaned (see . Picture 2.16). Even if a malfunctioning air conditioner compressor without cleaning the installation of the new compressor installed in these ruins will again cause a malfunction of the compressor. as bending the bending process can be encountered during the era of copper piping installation (bending spring, arm bending, etc.) should be used. Threaded joints are also key to prevent the interruption of torque crushed the countersink should be preferred.

Copper Tube Mechanical Failure

2:16 Image: Copper pipe adheres to the inner surface of the chip and burr ruins

To comply with the rules of installation or maintenance phases of mechanical failures in service elements such as the air conditioning compressor can be understood from this statement is a big factor. After that, in taking care of the air conditioning unit’s controls, causing the formation of mechanical failure.

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