Electronic Card Fault in Air Conditioning

Electronic card failure in air conditioning mains, installation, maintenance, and due to exposure to electromagnetic fields and interconnections.

There are two unfortunate realities of the electronic age; power plants, it wanted the sensitive electronic equipment clean and continuous power supply can not be responsible for itself and its customers from the health and safe operation of the device. Made of a typical air conditioning unit in a survey it revealed that many times are faced with a difficult problem.Power problems of the effects of deterioration of hardware devices, ranging from the all information to be lost or burning in the microchip card.

Air conditioning Structure of Electronic Card and Replacing Brought Tasks

Today, technology has been the biggest improvement in electronics. Diodes are made of semiconductor materials, transistor, thyristor, triac elements such as cardiac and control circuits are used in many electrical and electronics. Such transistors operating principles of electronic devices based on semiconductor technology is based on the theory. This is a very detailed and technical issues.

There are no moving parts and elements used in electronic systems. Simple electronic control circuit in the sense environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, magnetic field, density, level difference etc.) By changing current, voltage, resistance and are useful for the frequency value. These values are interpreted as changes in precision and control of the devices on the system or remote control is provided.

Usually, air conditioning , there are two separate circuits of the electronic card in the device. One such circuit is the control circuit of the power circuit. As it is seen in the image below. Many air conditioning and power control circuit varies in design. A single electronic card or manufactured in both halves separate cards is concerned. air conditioning control and command control circuits on the microprocessor with programs written on boards. Of course, the information that the user uses microprocessor control and the sensors (thermistors) takes. He received that information in accordance with the power board via the electrical components of the air conditioner (fan motors, compressors, such as solenoid valves) controls.

Air Conditioning Electronic Circuit Card

Air conditioning is available in the electronic card power supply is reduced in voltage with a transformer. is usually 12 volts to 24 volts employees working there are also some brand devices.The transformers are used to reduce the tension mounted electronic card or may be completely against our separate ways. Electronic card on the low voltage power circuit tries to magnetic relays in working with high voltage elements (fan motors, compressors, etc.) Provides command and control possibilities.

Air conditioning Transformer

Today, “inverter” Many air conditioning electronic cards manufactured outside of the types of air conditioning we also built into the indoor unit. Air conditioning, indoor fan motor is mounted via a slide-way quotes in the plastic housing. The air conditioning unit just outside of the compressor and outdoor fan motor ways making elements (capacitor connection terminal and the clamps no) is located. With the advancement of technology has shrunk the size of the command and control of air conditioners electronic cards, it is generally manufactured on a single card power and control circuits. In many of the outdoor unit air conditioner on offer nowadays produced by the working principle there is no need electronic card. More inverter type air conditioner of the electronic card located in the outdoor unit, the compressor is used to meet the changing load conditions.

Installation of Air Conditioning Electronic Card

Inverter air conditioners can explain the technological features. Inverter; Is an enhanced feature for saving energy. The transfer of the air conditioning compressor of the outdoor unit with frequency-controlled electronic hardware support, according to the load by changing the rotational speed of the compressor capacity change can be achieved. Thus, the energy savings are provided at low load conditions. Alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) to the frequency and voltage of the inverter system and adjustable mechanism is called. There is no inrush currents do not harm the network and device. Stop-start system may not operate. load control in minimum and maximum runs. It is located in the outdoor unit due to the electronic card size used in said frequency change.

Air Conditioning Electronic Card Failures

Air Conditioning Electronic Card Failure Causes

Declining Occurring Faults in the mains voltage

short-term drop in voltage levels cause serious malfunction. In general, 87% of all the power the air conditioning failure is due to this problem. The sudden drop is a result of efforts to cope with the power requirements on that area of the transformer. Voltage drop, transformer will create the need for more current in the device, or the card can lead to engine combustion.

Air Conditioning Electronic Card Failure

High Voltage (Voltage Pulse) Malfunctions

Shock is a sudden increase in voltage. Similar to the tide, impact damage to electronic devices.impact caused by lightning may occur at the close of the current city cut off by coming back because of the storm or accident. The device can directly damage the hardware and electronic card.

High Current

Seconds 1/120 is a short-term rise in tension until a time. When such devices are turned off ventilation and powerful electric motors are distributed through more than voltage power cable.Computers, air conditioners and other sensitive devices are designed to use power at a given voltage range. Expected peak and RMS (average voltage) to be forced on any current level of components and lead to premature failure.

Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields

More technically it is called electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference. The remaining mains voltage sine wave which smoothly subjected to the electric magnetic field is disturbed. Electrical lightning magnetic field, the load transfer, generators, radio transmitters and industrial equipment can be caused by many factors including, or event. Network device or in a form of electromagnetic field may damage the devices formed.

Done carelessly Air Care

Industry is one of the reasons many times encountered card failure. It is usually done in accordance with the technical result in the maintenance of air conditioning.

Incorrect Made Power and Call Control Connections

This faulty connections in cable color code is caused by failure to correctly read and inability to follow. When the fault is found to be on board instead of electronic card change made to interfere with the correct operation card.

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