Drayer (Filter) Assembly

Drayer (filter) condenser outlet made whether to keep absorbing task of water and acids, small solid particles (dust, etc.) to filter.

Air wet bulb temperature which depends on internal cleaning of the cooling system. only a dry and clean refrigerant circulates in the system should be clean, dry and oil. Before filling a need in the fluid system and the system as well as a small amount of water can be mixed from other elements. This water capillary tube evaporator obstructs the entrance freeze in place and prevents the cooling system.Contents can block dust and small particles. into the system it is almost impossible to prevent the ingress of water and dust. Some of these acids can also be found in other refrigerants.


Drayer Structure

Dryers and filters (drier and filters) consists of the following sections.

– Copper pipe body is made as resistant to pressure in the condenser. There are holes at both ends for accommodating the tubes.
– Fine cheesecloth so that you can hold small solid particles attached to the hollow fiber tube.Moisture absorbent material made in private by 4 – 5 mm absorption acids can be found in the other refrigerant also it has the ability to keep sucking.

Drayer Structure

Drayer Assembly

Has been on liquid line drier, referred to above must be mounted drayer arrow direction. They drier used in household refrigerators, condenser inserted between the capillary and one at a time with disposable types. New drayer, rather than the end of the capillary capillary scissors before being assembled properly, and we help them cut neatly into the capillaries drayer. enter much into the capillarydrayer we must take care not destroy the structuredrayer. After placing the soldering process we go the same way the other end of the condenser into the pipe drayer. We then combine the drier connection with capillary tube condenser outlet before boiling with the braze welding braze welding. This process must be purged gas in the system during.

Drayer Assembly

Drayer installation of the compressor, such as the evaporator and the condenser assembly. While coming here from the condenser pipe diameter copper pipe in normal subjects who will pay attention to is the capillary tube evaporator.

After you pay attention to other issues drayer removed from the packaging to pay attention to the lack of humidity and dusty environment sparingly series is to perform in the installation. This is because the package is opened and drayerprotective plugs are beginning to be affected by ambient moisture in the drier after removal of silicate crystals.

Source: MEGEP

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