Daikin Streamer Technology

With Daikin, Streamer’s technological air purifier, it provides healthier and better air freshening.Developed as a result of long researches, ‘Streamer’ technological air purifier offers solutions against allergens as well as increasing air pollution and related odor problems in winter months.

In winter we need to warm up as well as clean air.The windows that can not be opened due to the cold, the poor air quality due to the air pollution triggers many negativity. In addition, according to the Federation of Allergy and Respiratory Diseases of Europe (EFA), more than 80 million people across Europe have allergic diseases and this number is increasing. Foreign substances in the air can cause one of these allergic diseases. In the city environment, these allergens, for example;diesel exhaust particles and volatile organic compounds (found in construction and cosmetic materials), which can cause highly harmful heavy allergens to occur. In addition, house dust mites, house dust mites, pollen, bacteria can cause allergic diseases. When all these factors are taken into consideration, it is vital that the air of the environment that we are in to get a healthy life is clean. It is not so easy to clean the outside air, but thanks to technology, it can be easily solved against air pollution and related odor problems at home and at work.

Daikin, the pioneering and innovative company of the air conditioning industry, is committed to improving the quality of the air we breathe for a healthy life, providing a healthy environment with the streamer technology MC70L air purifier. With its air purifier, Daikin increases the quality by cleaning the air in the rooms, allowing fresh and fresh air to breathe. As a result of long research, Daikin has developed streamer technology in allergy air purifying systems and enhances breathing comfort for those with asthma and allergies. With ozone emissions below EU standards, the MC70L is as quiet as leaf rust with a 16 dB sound level.

Daikin Streamer

Daikin’s advanced technology air purifier, MC70L, eliminates malodorous particles, destroying harmful bacteria, animal hair, cows, pollen, small bugs and other allergens. The MC70L air cleaner is a significant contributor to the habitats of asthma and allergy, with the production of fresh air for breathing. The stylish design allows the MC70L to adapt to any type of environment, while the air quality is maximized with six separate filters, while the inverter motor provides a high level of efficiency.

The Streamer technology air cleaner MC70L, which removes potentially harmful substances in the air and neutralizes bad odors with its powerful filter system, is designed for those who want to have a good air in their home, turbo mode that extends to every corner of the room with high airflow, child lock, screen brightness adjustment, remote control, anti-pollen mode, sleep mode and timer features. MC70L, which is preferred for all age groups from infants to elderly, can be safely used especially in children’s rooms with allergic diseases.

Daikin’s state-of-the-art air purifier, proving itself in independent tests and approved by the British Allergy Foundation, dust, smoke , pollen, mold spores, pet feathers, house mites and harmful substances that cause allergic reactions, while being stylish and compact in design and easily transported with a weight of only 8.5 kg, it adapts.

What is Daikin Streamer Technology?

High-speed electrons produced using the same electric power as ordinary plasmas collide with oxygen and nitrogen molecules in the air to form a plasma with an oxidative decomposition rate 1,000 times higher. The strong streamer formation attacks bacteria and viruses, separating the proteins in the surface and destroying them by oxidation.

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