Alarko Condensing Combi Technology Breaks New Grounds

Alarko Carrier by the main production facility for the first time in Turkey in Gebze, and heating, as well as improved boiler with premix system makes full use of condensation water was produced and marketed.

Premix, the highest theoretical efficiency can be achieved in full condensing boiler is 111%. Seradens Seradens Super and Super Plus condensing boilers with far reaching 109,2’y% yield of the boiler has the highest efficiency in technology. Meanwhile flue gas temperature is held between 40-67 ° C.

Alarko Kombi

Alarko Seradens Super and Super Plus boilers Seradens makes a difference with the specifications.

Alarko Premix Combi Technology Features

• Aesthetics and modern design
• Long-lasting, has high durability against condensation water heat exchanger stainless steel
• 20, 28 and 36 kW capacitance (50/30 ° C)
• Ideal gas-air mixture with premix system, high efficiency, low noise, low flue gas temperature and low emissions, environmentally friendly products
• high yield as evidenced by very low flue gas temperature (to 40 ° C falling flue gas temperature)
•% 17-100 range up to the stop-start with a minimum heating wide modulation range, maximum fuel efficiency
• Solar energy facilities in the use of solar energy water heating system with a connection kit (with optional solar connection kit and extra tall to use)
• Use pre-heating function in water
• Higher pump head is
• The larger expansion tank
• Ability to operate at a lower flow rate
• Wider range of heating modulation
• More plenty of hot water
• Higher heating efficiency
• The highest water use efficiency (Seredans Super Plus models)
• Less fuel consumption
• White backlit LCD display
• Digital manometer
• Demo mode display in the exhibition halls and ease of expression
• Opentherm remote control connection
• EN 15 502 according to the norm (rated thermal load not exceeding 1,000 kW gas-fired central heating boilers)
• suitable for natural gas and LPG
• Certification company EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) and LVD (Low Voltage Directive) certified

Alarko Kombi Seredans

Alarko Kombi Electronic Card Features

Seradens Seradens Super and Super Plus Nordgas the latest in series of boilers are used electronic cards. Electronic card, elegant, white LCD screen on the operating mode and temperature, outside air temperature, warning failure to allow messages to be displayed. The safe, comfortable and highly efficient boilers continuously checks for work.

• Standard (30-85 ° C) / reduced (30-45 ° C) and radiator heating with a choice of temperature, as well as compliance with the underfloor heating system
• User information menu
• Service information menu
• Seradens eco mode in Super Plus model
• Demo mode
• Heating and hot water during continuous flame modulation cycles
• Automatic fire control system
• In the heating cycle power surges setting first
• Use water pre-heating function
• Activation of the heater cycle time delay setting
• Heating water frost protection function
• Use water frost protection function
• Pump jam prevention function
• 3-way valve anti-jam
• In the heating cycle pump more work feature
• Use water cycle pump in overtime feature
• Heating circuit low water pressure safety
• Heating circuit low water pressure safety (two-stage)
• Error codes fault notification with
• Automatic bypass
• Remote controller area network (opentherm protocol)
• Autorun function according to the outside temperature (using an optional outdoor sensor)
• Selecting the type of gas
• Chimney sweep function
• Parameter programming function

Alarko Kombi Control Panel

Alarko Kombi Hydraulic Circuit

• Seradens Super and Super Plus model Seradens going in the same block is different turn blocks.
• brass, product delivery and return is much more durable and long lasting compared to hydraulic blocks plastic blocks. Service interventions, and easier disassembly and reassembly is done in a safe manner.
• Three-stage circulation pump and automatic air purjörl 20, has 28 and 36 kW in order 4,8-4,4-4,7 mss head. So two or uninhabitable pump the cuff to avoid the problem, even with the three-storey house.
• 20, 28 and 36 kW for selected types of comfortable and plenty of hot water to use three different types of stainless steel water plate heat exchanger is used. Produced in example 28 and 36 kW models 17, 18 and 21 l / min the amount of water is the amount of water that do not make use of a boiler. Amount of hot water in the produced high flow eliminates the need to use the boiler in a number of projects. Thus, both the initial investment cost is reduced, saving fuel that would have been spent to keep both the boiler is constantly hot.
• Automatic bypass that takes place through the plate heat exchanger, in the event of closure of all radiator valves ensures the continuity of the circulation genius.

Source: Alarko Carrier Releases

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