Air Conditioning Compressor Performance Test

In recent years, taken care of on the cause of energy conservation has become an important factor appeared to industry performance. For this longer EVO (energy efficiency ratio) is used herein.The compressor of the first performance of the compressor design engineers use to define and measure, and there are three other non-practical use for refrigeration technicians is still good to know them roughly.

– Compressor efficiency is concerned it is going only in the cylinder. The actual compression is a measure of the deviation from the ideal compression is defined by the task performed in the cylinder.
– Volumetric efficiency, the volume of fresh steam into the cylinder per stroke is defined as the ratio of the displacement piston.
– Ideal capacity and actual capacity is a function of the total volumetric efficiency.

There are two types of compressor performance test.

First, capacity, efficiency, noise level, engine temperature, etc.. determine. The second test is necessary at the same rate and determines the probable life of the machine. The lifetime test should be performed under conditions similar to conditions in the compressor must operate for years. In this study, the most important factors to adhere to safety rules. With this information the manufacturer, the products needed for the proper use can provide the performance and application data. Capacity values are published in table and curves case containing the following information.

– Identification of the compressor-cylinder number, diameter, stroke, etc.
– Excessive cooling circuits or data indicating the degree of supercooling corrected by zero expression
– Compressor speed
– Cooler type
– Suction gas glow heat
– External cooling requirements (if necessary)
– Compressor environment
– Maximum power or maximum working conditions and work load below the minimum working conditions
– Full load or no-load operation under the minimum working conditions

As will become apparent this medicine compressors is not practical to use in a variety of circumstances, perhaps it is not technically possible. That’s why the pain at different speeds to meet different industry applications, in diameter, stroke and / or units which offer larger engines. The compressor is the initial symptom of a problem that noisy work performance. This condition is usually an indication that there is a problem. An abnormal condition or a compressor may be a compressor other than the worn parts so damaging itself. Clearly, if there is a reason to change the compressor outside the compressor it can be understood as never won anything. these possible causes before replacing the compressor should be checked for this. Incorrect settings in the compressor installation. Externally mounted hermetic compressors in the compressor feet may bump into a bracket, which leads to an essentially pressure of the compressor. the sound coming from the compressor’s internal structure than that, we have to sort out the reasons;

Inadequate lubrication: The oil level may be low enough not enough to lubricate the entire bed. Oil input and output ports can become clogged by impurities or moisture due to the resulting oil and acid in the system.

Corrosion of Scroll CompressorPicture 2.17 a correct manner because of system cleaning and vacuuming done
Corrosion of scroll compressors parts

Metallic residue Compressors

Picture 1.18 Compressor oil accumulated in the metallic residues

Tight piston or bed: a tight piston or bed to another bed can cause knocking. Although convenient hollow sometimes after a few hours of work in a new compressor may present such a situation. Can work for a while because of the moisture in the copper coating is created by a compressor or the firmness of the bed piston system.
Internal structure damaging the fittings: internal spring-mounted fittings can be bent so that the compressor can cause shock to the body of the compressor.
For loose bearings: a loose piston rod or main bearing piston pin will naturally excessive noise.The master bedroom of the shaft of the crank pin or the complete lack of alignment of the main bearings according to the cylinder wall by the eccentric noise and rapid wear may lead.
Broken valve: Fracture may be a suction or discharge valve on top of a piston compressor valve plate and hit the end of each stroke. chips adhering to the piston head, slag or other impurities can lead to the same result.

Compression Valve Deep Tracks

Picture 2-19: the deep scars caused the discharge valves

Loose or eccentric rotor: to play in a loose rotor keyway wedge on the shaft leading to noisy operation which could result in hermetic compressors. If the eccentric shaft and is not integral, then, it could be the cause of knocking loose locking device.
Gas knock: Under certain conditions can cause the sound from the condenser or evaporator suction line. A knock came from the increase of the suction pipe or drain pipe and / or may occur in the form of a whistling sound. In fact, the effects can be mild stroke caused by a mechanical refrigeration lines not knock the size and length of the bracket with the number of connections and other factors combined intermittent suction and compression stroke to a particular incident. They have done for the service of air conditioning compressors and master the market, it is important to inform the performance test.

Air Conditioning Compressor Performance Test

run our household air conditioners in the summer position device with valve and pressure gauge attached to the lower end of the service. 60PS from the gauge during this study about the device must operate at pressure. If there is a problem there is a problem with the pressure value of the air conditioner or compressor cooling system. This control operation of the compressor by measuring the location of the device in addition to cooling the pliers ammeter amperage or you can obtain information about the performance of the cooling system. We can check by comparing the values we measure the amperage nameplate. during removal to stop the air conditioner can learn about measuring the performance of the compressor in the compressor amperage from the first. From the compressor amperage label (for example “80 LRA” shape) is a letter. If the operating position of said operating pressure in winter high pressure gauge is mounted to be high. work value at high pressure to exceed the value PS 340 should perform heating and defrosting. Amperage values measured in the same way the outdoor unit is controlled via the label.

Compressors Performance Test

Picture 2-20: Monitoring of the cooling mode, the device’s pressure and work flow – Performance Test

Air Conditioners Label

Picture 2-21: measurements in the image tag for the device compared with 2:18

Source: MEGEP

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