Steam Generators and Usage Areas

Steam Generators sender system to produce the steam tank in principle, are working with very low water volume unit. Water pipe type are to be passed to a water coil is pressed by water vapor phase heating coil perimeter of the work based on the principle. (Only up to 2000kg / h)

The steam is indispensable infrastructure of the growing industry; Be cheaper, the implementation of the safety system at the highest level, no risk of explosion at any place and to be able to search for the answer that the steam generator, the maximum capacity of saturated steam is ready for use in 3 minutes. Many facilities at 2000 kg / h under steam is needed. These businesses are mostly settled in the multi-storey building. Here put big water boilers would not be suitable in terms of both security and ground invasion. These are exemplified by the apparel industry. This is less than the volume of water, occupying less space, quick steam generating steam but with manufacturers that do not allow water vapor must be transported. This type is called steam generator to the steam boiler quick steam vendor. In fact, the steam generator is a steam boiler. Quick steam generator, spiral water pipe, water pipe vertical, horizontal water pipe, or may take the form of a mixture thereof. It is ideal to obtain high pressure steam safely. It can also perform the formation of steam in a very short period of time. It may not be suitable in terms of providing dry vapor steam quality.

Steam Generators

According to the regulations, pressure vessels, steam boilers in use in the residential quarters of people who have certain limitations. For reasons of safety (in case of explosion damage and fatal accidents occur very state) where prohibited use steam boiler, remaining under the law specified safety value Steam Generators can be used.

Steam Generators to Be Considered in the Selection Considerations

Steam treatment of the generator and the generator must have all the necessary equipment and control devices for safety. Overpressure protection systems should be gradual and the low water level of danger. Water piped directly to the steam generator water level can not be controlled depending on the temperature control system is used to heat up and the system must be independent of the type of employee. Pressure control system has a structure similar to other types of steam boilers.

Both electric (switch on) and mechanical (safety valve) must be the control system. All devices on the generator should be selected to operate mutually compatible.

Steam Generators Usage Areas

– Steam generators, steam quality and will not face the problem of sudden load changes and low-quality steam everywhere where it’s needed,
– Closed loop systems, and up to very high operating pressure (eg. 60 bar)
– 50 to 2000 kg / h for the production of steam;
– Hotel, Motel, laundry, safety Dry cleaning, concrete curing plants, Agriculture, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Leather, Textiles, Mandra, canned and chemical industry, and industry, wherever steam requirement can be easily used in steam production.

Steam Generator Operating Principle

Source: IGDAS

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