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Wilo, your project will use BIM is the world’s first manufacturer of pumping systems that provide easy access to your BIM content. consultants with access to MagiCAD Content Libraries can use the complete and updated database Wilo.

Building Information Modeling use in the construction industry is not a simple process. Wilo Revit Plug-smart our Revit family of products allows you to direct your BIM projects, including the ETIM product information. “Wilo Button ‘can be loaded directly from the Revit drawings and works independently from the applications you use. Wilo Extension for Revit BIM; the plumber, consultants, mechanics and project design firms to, the care providers and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) is part of the comprehensive services and support we provide to the public. Our services include technical support in addition to support BIM, Wilo Catalogue and Wilo-Select Wilo Exchange Service and Tools, Wilo-Brain training concept and is located in the support to the pump.

New solutions for the digital future

When combined with the complexity of digitalized working environment and building design, revealed the huge volumes of data. Everyone involved in the process to a fruitful collaboration must be able to easily access the data. The goal is to unite all relevant product data and life cycle of a digital model of the building and to create a network.

What is BIM for Wilo?

Building Information Modeling is the creation of a facility’s physical and functional characteristics digitally virtual presentation and management of design and construction methods used in the building industry such as (Source: NBIMS). In the long term it should be seen as an optimization process that triggers the change of organizational culture on project management. Available for all project sizes. During the construction process all the information stored in the 3D model is used to provide the solutions and managed.

All processes are interconnected in a building’s life cycle: design, configuration, implementation, documentation, operation and maintenance. BIM, accompanying the life cycle and is used as a central data model supports this cycle. Visualization of the elements planned and documented in a comprehensive manner, simplifies the process steps that follow. pulling up the cost parameters and factors, it is determined in an early stage of the life cycle. This means that there is also an impact on the total cost of the initial decision.


-optimize CAD geometry
-information Increase in productivity thanks to easy access
How many errors on thanks to everyone involved including Syria’s access to current data of
-More Fast work processes
-less Construction time and costs

BIM How does it work?

Wilo , Content Library Access Buttons for Autodesk Revit (Revit Add-in) offers through its BIM content independently of the application of the relevant drawings. Wilo Wilo content with a special button in the application for direct access. It has access to all data in the Revit building services. The preferred pump may be selected according to the parameter and can be placed directly into the ETI B model. BIM model of the intelligent modeling, but also will help to achieve the desired results for the product is associated with ETI. This is still and remains in STEP CAD DWG to use. Wilo Revit Extensions to establish the direct link is given below. The installation procedure can be downloaded as a PDF document: “Installation Procedures Wilo CLAB.”

Wilo supports you throughout the entire life cycle of the building with the following:

product data during -Installation
to guide and directory for easy access during maintenance
-Operating During the Wilo Service
-More energy-saving solutions for improvement

Source: Wilo e-newsletter

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