Water Cooling Tower Installation and Regulations

Water cooling tower installation and the rules are different in many respects. The most important is the type of water cooling towers. the difference in the size of the tower cooling tower types, specifications, connection status, and affects many factors such as size of installation space and assembly rules.

Therefore, the rules to be followed during the installation of the cooling tower must be the primary as the rules specified by the manufacturer.Manufacturer’s instructions and assembly of the catalog should be examined as to what exactly these rules and must be observed. In the absence of relevant documents by contacting the device manufacturer should get detailed information about the installation rules.

The following general guidelines to be followed during the installation of cooling towers is given.Where it is not possible to access the manufacturer’s installation instructions, installation carried out by compliance with these rules.

– Water cooling tower before mounting the device as possible, and hot air containing pollutants (chimney, etc.) should be placed away from the source.
– Best place roof space are high-rise buildings.
– Among high-rise buildings in place the lower roof is located, will be taken into account noise and performance problems may be.
– Water droplets or ice will cause problems, or should place the need to move away from them.
– To reflect the wide walls of the surrounding noise, if possible, should be installed at least 6 m away.
– No noisy side of the tower, the surrounding sensitive to noise (unwanted noise) must be translated into the region.
– If possible natural sound deadening (surrounding trees, hills, etc.) should be utilized.
– If the tower isolated against vibration if other pipes that link the towers, electrical cable trays should be thought as a whole, the tower should not be prevented from blocking the free vibration and the vibration of them, there should not be delivered to the region.
– If there are walls near the tower wall tower air output level should be at least level. Otherwise, the performance of the tower must be taken into account recirculation will occur affecting 15-50% (Figure 4.1). To prevent recirculation or tower must be raised or title should be used. Use in the title, it should be considered to grow the fan motor due to losses (Figure 4.2).
– The tower is to be placed close to the wall air inlet side should be in the opposite direction. If this is not possible, according to the height of the tower location and size at a certain distance from the wall it should be put away. If you do not have a sufficient distance from the wall 1,2 1,8 m ‘should be used title for not less (Figure 4.4).
– If the multiple towers placed at tower locations should be considered together. In such cases it is appropriate to be placed as shown in Figure 4.3.
– According to the Tower of air intakes mutual coming together, if the tower height and size must be a certain distance. If you place too narrow for the title but not less than the distance from 1.8 to 3.0 m should be used.
– When very large towers are used in combination, a large amount of ambient air when air is used to vary the local conditions will typically be high wet bulb temperature. This should be taken into account. Also to be considered the dominant wind direction. Wind direction as the direction of the winds on the hottest days should be taken into account (Figure 4.1).
– Tower surrounded on all four sides, if used in a correct air speed down to prevent recirculation of 1.5 m / s, while the title 2 m / s should be. Tower healthy working order and service should be provided in areas needed to be seen to care.
– The upper part of the tower open, a space surrounded on all four sides of the air inlet be placed in the wall must have at least 50% net free area. To prevent recirculation air from the bottom up correctly, with minimal loss of pressure up to 3 m / s should be directed to be in.
– Air speed of the air inlet holes closed if the interior is used as 4m / s should not exceed.
– Grid should be made out to close the mouth of the tower where the tower is located on the top of the grid.

– Air outlet duct static pressure in the tower is more than 150 Pa used indoors centrifugal towers to be used must be carefully selected.
– According to the size of the tower, tower and other equipment air intakes in the room should be at least 0.9-1.8 m distance.
– Channels the air inlet and outlet should be avoided sharp elbow tower will be used. Air inlet velocity up to 4 m / s, the output speed of 5 m / s should be.

Water Cooling Tower Installation

Water cooling towers of the most important issues to be considered for installation, identifying a secure manner and can not convey the structure of the tower vibration. As you know, Turkey is experiencing frequent earthquakes, is a country that is a significant part of the 1st degree earthquake zone. In this case, as in the static structure, taking into consideration a number of measures need to be taken in the establishment of the mechanical installation. Earthquakes do not kill people directly. Main lethal collapse of structures or the man-made destruction. Therefore, here it will focus on water cooling tower equipment and the impact of the earthquake on the installation and precautions to be taken will be discussed. Mechanical installations in seismic design and seismic protection purposes, even though the building is to avoid being destroyed by mechanical systems collapse or be destroyed.

Construction and Detection of Seismic Protection of Water Cooling Tower

– As solid flooring of the device (without vibration isolation) is used to connect the nuts and bolts.Device, the pin being dropped on the concrete base is connected via bolts. The screws used must be resistant to earthquake loads.
– The holes in the chassis to connect the device to the base of the device fixed with screws, bolts seismic forces that occur due to lateral movement of the device is too large earthquake cut the bolts and pull the device in place. with bolt hole for it to fill the gap between the neoprene pads should be used.
– Devices bases Figure 4.5 ‘should be entered as one of the holes in the finished floor. If the flat, matter-finished flooring will be poured onto the base with a special connection between two concrete anchor must be performed
– Heavy equipment, flooring (or concrete base) must be placed directly through vibration isolation feet (Figure 4.6).

– The feet are combined (seismic isolators and limiters) feet will be like (Figure 4.6), seismic limiting elements seen in the side of the vibration isolator can be installed separately Figure 4.7 feet (Figure 4.8). The device is fixed to the structure by bolted to the base of the foot.

– Inertia solid floating block used as the base lighter devices mounted, thanks to the combined foot fitted with tile flooring of this rule shall be determined indirectly.
– The vibration isolation Floating concrete slab base, connected by a combination of both feet and seismic isolators or separately restrictive as above (Figure 4.9).

Seismic Restraints

Vibration devices that are not connected directly to the floor. Otherwise vibrations through the structure of the device, where living disturb seriously. this type of device to prevent it sits on vibration isolators.

Vibration isolators:
– Spring feet or
– Wheel chocks feet (or pillows) can be.

This foot can be easily thrown earthquake because they are not directly connected to the device structure. Laying of vibration isolators and seismic sitting limiting element is used in seismic protection. The most commonly used are passive elements such as seismic limiting. They require no maintenance. Passive limiter generally elastic cushions and comprises a steel housing surrounding them. Sci steel has a shaft that can move freely within the elastic buffer coated steel housing. Steel shafts and steel housing one device is fixed to the other structure. Thus, the movement of the shaft and the housing is not limited in normal vibration of the device.

However, it limits the release device in case of earthquakes hit the steel shaft flexible buffer. Thus, the device is left in place. there is no break and continues the device function. the device is placed directly underneath or next to seismic limiting possible to mount the device chassis. In Figure 4.9 shows these examples. A corner of the first image in the device shown in Figure 4.9 shows the steel frame structure. Spring vibration isolator is attached to the chassis along the side and seismic limiting. Both elements are also connected to the bottom of the concrete base. Figure 4.9 is a second picture of both elements, is mounted below the appliance feet. In both cases, the normal operation of the device on vibration made during the spring, will not affect seismic limiting these vibrations so that the assembly of the elements in limiting the opening and adjustment is made. For this purpose;

– Seismic limiting structure (concrete pedestal) connection,
– Be able to withstand the power of the restrictive forces can arrive,
– Limiting the concrete or steel frame structure on the device or the device connection,
– It should be provided in terms of individual strength of the attachment to the chassis of the device itself.

Catalog Information

Manufacturer catalogs must contain the following information:
– Device dimensions
– Device weight
– Carry points
– Electrical connections
– Required utilities, tool and so on.
– Service and maintenance of areas to be retained
– The content and frequency of servicing and maintenance services
– Device power
– Water and electrical installation schemes
– A list of the materials used, types and properties of materials

The manufacturer catalogs should also be given the following information:

– Which can be used in Madiran stated purpose of the device. Water cooling towers in general all areas according to the type and manufacturer, although the cold water shows some differences. The type of fan and the electric motor contained in the structure, strength, number of spray nozzles, characterized in that fillers, water connection details, accessories, circumstances in which the intervention and control to be made to the device and some of these differences will occur.
– Production phases of the device parts used for what purpose it is used, should be explained why he preferred. Brief information about the basic elements should be used. The control system and electrical control panels used in cables, fuses, circuit breakers, fault and working lights, digital display and function, if any, must be electrical circuit diagrams. Mains voltage (number of phases, voltage, frequency) should be emphasized.
– Heat to the body and the main constituent elements of the device, corrosion, what kind of transactions are performed in terms of tone and strength, how it is protected, properties of insulating materials must be specified.
– Compliance with the standards of all materials used and should be described as what the standards. In addition, the device should be made whether to add later in this description.
– Service and maintenance services should be applied to what point the device should be given clear information about the maintenance periods. All tests performed on the device and the results should be written.

Source: MEGEP, Water Cooling Tower Installation

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