Thermal Insulation Benefits

Thermal Insulation Benefits will be examined in subheadings of thermal insulation effect of human health and building structures will be emphasized.
Ensuring a comfortable life of people; 20-22 ° c temperature and 50% relative humidity, it may be possible in environments that have a value. During the winter, outdoor temperatures under 20 ° c quite.Summer air temperatures above 20 ° c quite. The thermal energy; high temperature low temperature environment transfer from the environment. For this reason, buildings; energy losses in winter, in the summer unwanted energy gains.
Heat loss and insulation in buildings and installations in the limiting of profit for processing is called “thermal insulation”.
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Heat insulation and Thermal Insulation Benefits

All events in nature will decrease the quality of energy in that direction. A cup of coffee dropped on the table in time, a cool or cold beverages, an example is warm up over time. 2 of thermodynamics.This phenomenon is known as the law; 1850 William Rankin, Rudolf Clausius, and Lord Kelvin by the research was put up with.

Ensuring a comfortable life of people; 20-22 ° c temperature and 50% relative humidity, it may be possible in environments that have a value. During the winter, outdoor temperatures under 20 ° c quite. Summer air temperatures above 20 ° c quite. Heat is a type of energy and Thermodynamics 2.Law of heat; high temperature low temperature environment transfer from the environment. For this reason, buildings; energy losses in winter, in the summer unwanted energy gains. To achieve the desired comfort environment in the building in the winter, the heat lost in a heating and cooling system in summer with the heat gained from the internal environment must be considered. Being spent on energy for heating and cooling processes need to have. Limitation of the heat gain and loss in a structure; as to be consumed for heating and cooling means reducing the amount of energy.Heating and cooling processes; for the most part hot or cold fluid moving through the installation. 2 of thermodynamics. From the warm fluid environment law right or the right energy in cold from the nature of the occurrence of a, which reduces the heat transfer is inevitable. Işletilebilmeleri heating and cooling systems to the desired performance; This loss and the amount of profit, taking into account fluid as hot or cold than it should be. This situation causes an additional energy consumption.

Heat loss and insulation in buildings and installations to limit gains for processing is called “thermal insulation”. Technically, heat insulation, heat transfer between two different temperature environment is applied to reduce the.

Thermal insulation, prolong the life of the building by making the user to be able to offer healthy, comfortable spaces and building use phase fuel and cooling costs, it is possible to make large gains.Heating of buildings is used largely for the purpose of the fossil fuels. The result of the burning of fossil fuels combustion product released as gases, air pollution and causes global warming. Thermal insulation applications with the amount of energy used in the creation of comfort conditions, prevents the increase of global warming and air pollution. Buildings is performed according to the rules of thermal insulation in terms of individuals and countries has several benefits. The most important of all this energy conservation of thermal insulation is the contribution.

Thermal Insulation Benefits under many headings. This article describes important issues Thermal Insulation Benefits are given below under the headings below.

Thermal Insulation Reduces Energy Consumption

Human beings can survive life in natural conditions fur etc. throughout history, since it does not have a hardware itself in the appropriate conditions for natural or artificial environments had to be his own creation. This energy itself in small environments, which is necessary for creating the conditions for even the most challenging climate type of climate has prevented it to be destroyed.

Initially the walls very thick sığınılarak the caves are the external climatic conditions korunuluyordu.A small fire burned people, which is necessary for the formation of the temperature conditions. The caves were abandoned over time; close to water resources passed to the settled areas order.During this period, according to today’s example in structures built thicker walls. The number of population increased by condensation of building, the first steps of urbanization. After a while the water resources has become a social status. Are the distortions lessen water resources fell and the value of housing unless the central region was richer in the residence.

Throughout history, earthquakes, land has become an economic value and material of technology developments, construction is in light and thin structural elements began to be preferred. Thick walls, commercial value using field in commuting and doing first investment cost was increasing. Ear thquak es as a result of seismic vibrations occurring effect of bulky structures consisting of a moment was coming down.

As a result of the thinning of building elements for comfort conditions that must be met, the need for more energy to be consumed. The first and second World Wars, and then in the 1970s the importance of energy due to the oil crisis given that increased dramatically. Energy efficiency and energy saving was given the importance of scientific studies. Land costs and uses the law, given the economic conditions we structure elements; and small footprint as possible, as well as heat loss and gain is less of designs. Without increasing the thickness of building elements, the reduction of energy consumption for heating purposes in buildings targeted thermal insulation materials at the time it was developed as a solution to respond to. New thermal insulation materials; they are both light and heat transfer due to their high resistance against the present structures has become an indispensable part of.

Four seasons living in our country, in addition to heating and cooling needs are increasing day by day. In residential properties; the size of the energy is lost or won, the amount of energy consumed for the purpose of heating or cooling than that specified by the law for the energy savings that we need to reduce the heat loss/gain of the field. Do they limit the amount of thermal energy through the components; building shell insulation, insulated, and it is possible with the use of glass.

The quality of people’s life and without compromising the comfort of, there are three measures that can be taken to conserve energy. These are the use of high-efficient automation systems and thermal insulation. This is the first place among the three measures the thermal insulation. Without an active heat in buildings, energy consumption is too much. Calculations, an active thermal insulation can be up to 50 percent energy savings in buildings with average. Not to be used as energy efficient, environmental pollution and the natural life while negative impact.

Thermal Insulation, Protection Of The Environment Contribution Provides

Russia’s Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the region of a fault that occurs in people of nuclear energy and the environment, how to manifest a threat. the 1988 incident, leaked radiation from nuclear power plants, large numbers of people now, a much larger number of people by the deadly disease after a period of time led to the loss of lives. The region’s ecological balance completely broke down, there’s no possibility of healthy life. Chernobyl radiation emitted due to the leak, not limited to only affects the area surrounding the power plant air currents in Europe and the near countries and Turkey. Today, especially in the Black Sea region, a big increase in cases of cancer.Scientists, as the cause of the cancer cases rising, points to the accident in Chernobyl.

Threat to human and the environment unfortunately not just nuclear energy. More than 60 percent of the world’s energy needs is obtained from fossil fuels, perhaps nuclear power taking a much bigger risk invitation; global warming …

As a result of the increase in energy needs and efficient energy should not be used; air pollution is increasing. Air kirliliğindeki this increase with global warming and climate change itself. The threat of global warming and to reduce air pollution; one of the most important issues in the press. Global warming, as it doesn’t look really helpful, yet tragic results in Chernobyl, environmentalists and scientists have constantly in the public eye in the expected response b warnings, blocking is occurring. KIS, the season of heat losses, while in the summer heat gain will be achieved through the reduction of fuel-saving, a reduction in greenhouse gases will be thrown into the atmosphere.Coal, oil fuel are on the one hand, leads to air pollution significantly, while at the same time as global warming and climate change. When fossil fuels, carbon dioxide gas, which is colorless and not burn out. Usually the lower layer of the atmosphere in terms of ecological balance of carbon dioxide in the troposphere is of great importance. The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as a result of the increase in energy consumption, increases from year to year. As a result, the sun warm the Earth of gidisi and reflection to return with a large amount of energy during soğurulur and the temperature of the atmosphere gradually rises. Global warming, greenhouse gases are called the influence of atmosphere gas temperature is a result of this rise in.

Air pollution and global warming, we may feel the results tragic close. However, experts are warning must be taken into account and this issue of countering. At this point the press of what needed to be done, again comes the isolation measures.

Renewable energy will allow the use of effective thermal insulation measures, reducing the consumption of fossil fuels, the leading greenhouse gas emissions to global warming will play an important role in reducing. As well as heat insulation, used for cooling in the summer and the ozone layer-damaging refrigerant will reduce the need for. Declining energy requirement; electricity production and electricity production, hence the need for the amount of fossil fuels used; so that will reduce gas emissions.

Thermal Insulation, Thermal Comfort Provides

Heat treatment conditions, indoor environments that people are comfort in that environment and health concerns directly to their operating efficiency men they are determines the temperature of the environment. The thermal conditions of the work environment, people’s physical and mental affects directly the production speed. Very cold or very hot working environments that reduce the efficiency.Still very cold weather caused health problems is the loss of power and related health spending.Ambient temperature is in place is also caused by accidents.

Thermal comfort in buildings must provide to block them. Heat treatment to ensure the comfort of ambient temperature the temperature difference between the temperature of the inner surface of the wall should be reduced. The higher the comfort of this difference, the lower. A comfortable base for this difference must be more than 3 ° c, the temperature of the inner surface, in the case of low … heat in the environment movement toward the cold surfaces, creates unwanted air currents. These air currents cause the disease by reducing the comfort. (Table).

Interior surface temperatures to reduce the difference between the ambient temperature with heat insulation. At every point of the space with thermal insulation provides a homogeneous temperature and air currents will be blocked. This is both comfortable and provides a healthy environment.

Water vapor, produced internal environment has the potential to do damage. Water vapor; pressure due to the difference in heat flow by moving in the same direction with the pores making passes and tries to reach out to the external environment. Water vapor saturation during this transition within a structural element, or in the event of contact with a surface temperature of lower part of the steam passes into the water yoğuş. Accumulate within the structure and structure elements konforumuza.Condensation on the Interior or structural elements can occur inside. Therefore, when designing building elements must be necessarily condensation control.

The design of the building shell; relative humidity value, even for brief periods of time 0.8 higher than the risk of internal surfaces in the case of mold formation. By condensation occurring on the surface, moisture sensitive unprotected may cause damages in building materials. Is more than the amount of moisture on the surface; irreversible, physical changes (shedding, blistering, etc.), chemical reactions (rusting etc.) and biological developments (wood decay VB.) as to why the konforumuzu.Search yoğusma in the surface of building elements, the load-bearing structure in iron because it will corrode, is one of the elements that threaten the life of the structure.

Reducing or eliminating the risk of condensation; water vapor per unit of time through building components should the amount or structure of the component must be above the saturation temperature of campsites in the temperature distribution.

Yoğuşmanın not all temperatures within the structure for component, must be higher than the saturation temperature of water vapor. This is the structure of the component are maintaining the external climatic conditions, so the exterior insulation and finish systems. Thus, building components, thermal insulation is provided and keep the hot side is kept above the condensation temperature. Therefore, protection from the harmful effects of condensation.

Yoğuşmanın application that can be executed for protection from the harmful effects of inside thermal insulation applications. In these applications, the structure of the component passing the vapour diffusion coefficients for the reduction of water vapor, high vapor proofing can be used. Internal thermal insulation applications with internal surface temperature of water vapor saturation temperature on the formation of mold, mildew, etc. will be blocked. In addition, the amount of water vapor through building adopts, the last component that may occur in the amount of condensation is prevented from damage to building materials.

Thermal Insulation, Wellness Offers

Heat insulated spaces, consisting of what a relationship with my disease. Precipitation, humidity, creates the right conditions for growth of microorganisms. This is ambient air to become harmful to the respiratory tract. Precipitation, humidity and mold formation in those environments, especially young children’s risk of developing asthma increases greatly. Made in accordance with thermal insulation standards, avoids all of these problems.

Research of air pollution in regions experiencing intense chest diseases, the number of people who have significantly increased. Air pollution due to shortness of breath, asthma, bronchitis, upper respiratory infections and pneumonia as well as increasing the rate of developing breast disease directly. The most important in terms of health effects of air pollution, is seen in the long term.According to the experts, the first place finisher of lung cancer factors include air pollution. In addition, air pollution and cardiovascular disease, gastric and intestinal disorders affect the brain, kidneys and caused negative also emphasized frequently by experts.

Apart from air pollution adversely affect people psychologically leads to. Air pollution effects of manifesting itself as a domestic shortage, as well as other psychological ailments triggered. Thermal insulation applications, the amount of energy used for heating and cooling with less, because air pollution will be reduced too.

Reduces Initial investment and operating costs of thermal insulation

We receive direct benefits discussed above, except that there are many benefits of thermal insulation, indirect. Heat insulation in new buildings made because this would require less energy for heating, boiler size, number of radiator and heating the other equipment is used less. The reduction of the number of radiators and slice, you can use the rooms as well. The spread of thermal insulation in this area will increase investments and that unemployment would be an improvement. At the same time installation made in heat insulation, installations preserving life from corrosion.

Insulated and non-insulated building product categories

To be built in Istanbul with a that is isolated to the building business and financial savings that can be obtained from the initial investment cost, it is possible to explain with an example. The calculations;floor area 200 m2 (90 m2 each floor has two apartment) a 4-storey apartment building. The building in question; 264.4 m2 reinforced concrete columns and beams, brick infill masonry 297.4 m2 561.8 m2 total exterior wall area. Floor height 2.7 m the building, 86.2 m2 glazing.

Non-insulated status (current situation):

Non-insulated case has any thermal insulation material used in the building. Exterior walls 19 cm brick has internal and external insulation over 2 cm. Also at the base of the ceiling and thermal insulation.

Insulated case (TS 825 ‘ e):

Insulated ceiling, floor and the building exterior walls; TS 825 heat isolation rules “in buildings” and “thermal insulation Ordinance” what is appropriate use of heat insulation materials. Decimal (base 10) 4 cm and 12 cm on the ceiling, on the walls on the outside 4 cm thermal insulation material is used.

Thus the building’s non-insulated and insulated natural gas savings and isolation between States in terms of cost, it is possible to make a comparison. The impact of the window is not discussed in the comparison. In either case, the Windows of the building 12 mm hollow insulating glass unit and plastic joinery has been assumed. TS 825, according to the thickness of the insulation to be applied in the building and built the details of building elements. The building’s heating load is calculated according to TS 2164.

Thermal Insulation Benefits and Results

Example made the building heat insulation with the application; the creation of the conditions needed for healthy and comfortable life annual heating needs about 60 percent reduction were calculated.

The total heat loss uninsulated building 79 kW., it is insulated against heat loss from the building’s total 32 kW. Total heat loss-reducing effect of application of insulation; Economic and business, as well as initial investment costs will affect.

In terms of initial investment costs compared to

Total heat loss is low; boiler capacity, reducing the amount of the reduced, radiator and heating installation diameter of pipes used in the shrinking. In this case it is necessary for the initial investment cost of the heating system.

Total heat loss uninsulated building win that should be used, depending on the capacity of 82 kW, while the insulated building 35 kW is a win against all the necessities. The cost of an accident determines the first capacity. When the cost of the accident to be uninsulated building, while $ 2,531 TS 825 to insulated building cost $ 893 won. In this study, the cost of building insulation discussed implementation of the savings is $ 1,638.

Similarly; heating load reduction, with the application of insulation provides heat transfer surface of radiators quantity and hence costs. Non-insulated building while radiator cost that should be used for TS 825 $ 1,250 insulated building radiator cost is $ 534. Insulation is applied to the cost of the radiator the building save $ 716.

Insulated and non-insulated building taken across the Board initial investment; non-insulated building heating system should invest $ 3,781 insulated building for only a $ 1,427 investment. I lick with the application of the heating system in the establishment of the save $ 2,354 is obtained. This is just a one-off.

Compare In Terms Of Business Costs

Total loss of return on low heat another reduction of the amount of fuel required for heating and business costs are falling. Non-insulated building, during the annual heating period 23,413.75 m3 natural gas worth $ 4,683 must be burned, insulated building worth $ 2,000 in the same time interval 9,993.67 m3 natural gas use. Therefore, business costs are taken; insulation save $ 2,683 per year with the application.

A specific cost of insulation application. The insulation is one of the first investment cost $ 11,980.But the initial investment costs of the heating system to save $ 2,354 isolation can be thought of as the first investment cost $ 9,626. This investment cost savings achieved from the business given the cost ($/$ 2,683 9,626) insulation application, building 4. use a snow in turn out to be an investment.

In this study, the building in the summer cooling is taken into consideration. Therefore, both heating and cooling systems, initial investment and considerable savings of cost and stuck with the only heating effect of isolation application isolation needs to be done to pay himself back in 4 years I have been getting results on your investment. Cooling system in the building, which has the system yourself will pay back in less time.
The total heat loss uninsulated building 79 kW, insulated building total heat loss 32 kW. Initial investment and business costs are compared below two in terms of structure.
Toplam Sistem Maliyetinden Tasarruf

Thermal Insulation Benefits human health, build life and energy efficiency, and fuel price inflation, considering I’ve never thought that even increased the payback period is calculated 3-4 years to conclude. Payback period; 5 percent rate of inflation; 2-3 years, in the case of 10 percent is almost 2 years.
(Investment cost-savings achieved by heating System)/savings achieved In Business = (11980-2354)/2683 = 3.5 Years
Thermal Insulation Benefits in addition to the issue of the choice of the correct application and thermal insulation material. Manufactures made wrong and inappropriate heat insulating materials will more harm than benefit.
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