Smart Grids and Smart Cities

The electrical network with the network system is achieved by integration of computer and network technology “Smart Grid” (Smart Grid) is called.The basic components of a smart grid technologies and,

• Production
• Stations
• Distribution
• Counters
• Integrated Communications
• Advanced Control Methods can be ordered.

intelligent Manufacturing

Network with feedback received from many points to optimize the energy production; voltage, frequency and power factor of power generation is aimed to have the properties can be adjusted automatically.

Intelligent stations

Power factor performance, breaker, transformer and battery status monitoring provides the critical and non-critical process control.

smart Distribution

improve your own cat is stabilizing and the optimizer works. Automatic monitoring and analyzing the weather character and are energized on the system has a structure that can predict failures based on the past.

Smart Meters

Smart meters are digital meters that widespread use of the fact that in recent times. As with analogue meters, including single phase and three phase they are produced. Smart meters can be described as the most important link in the smart grid it has to make use of the fully user-oriented and more efficient electricity grid. It counters the electrical energy usually 1 hour or so in shorter intervals by measuring real-time information through consumption, values such as power quality can be presented to the user here Finn followed. This is called the smart meter is reduced to a range of sensitivity reasons.

Smart Grid

Integrated Communication

Data acquisition (SCADA-Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), protection and control systems in an integrated system allows the user to interact with intelligent electronic devices.

Advanced Control Methods

The Smart Grid system has two main pillars:

• Hardware ( counters , appliances, large systems, etc.).
• Software (data infrastructure, internet-based systems, other software, etc.).

One of the first steps of a smart grid system, remote meter reading systems are in many countries, including Turkey. In addition, Google Power Meter system with instant intake and can vary.

This system is one of the most impressive of the system, offered by Lucid Design. The system not only show real-time electricity and gas consumption, this weather (temperature, wind) and visualization with other factors such as cost.

the scope of smart grids, today; Manual error detection, independent voltage regulation, optimizing the power flow and the partial power management solutions are developed and conducted studies. In the near future, real-time error detection and remote key, real-time voltage – in order to reduce power loss management and is expected to advance the dynamic solution.

Smart grid structure has three key components:

Prevention eventSelf-healing networkAdvanced Metering Infrastructure
• Remote load profiling / management
• Network activity review
• Advanced data analysis
• Network status measurement and predictive response
• Improved asset management / view
• Real-time monitoring of network status
• automatic network switching
• counter the Sensor
• Transformer load management
• State-dependent routing of human resources
• Network and the perception of the event location
• Counters
• Counter inquiry
• Counter on / off
• Power failure warning
• Two-way communication with meters

This event will be the system data to prevent the rapid analysis by people in and after analysis by computer to make decisions very quickly, the repair itself. All this is made possible by the advanced meter structure.

A smart grid;

• Demand management,
• Renewable sources of further integration,
• efficient use of resources (both production and consumption side)
• Energy saving and price advantage,
• The system is expected to provide benefits in the balance of the subject.

Intelligent Cities

Smart city concept and the future of people who settled in the city and who is perceived as the right approach to his needs.

Of course, sitting on many issues requires a holistic approach axis. And one of these axes, which can not be ignored in the energy axis, or the axis is located within the energy economy. the needs of those living in the wisdom of the city most effectively and at the right cost and time associated with it is a sustainable way to meet.

Intelligent Cities

Naturally, the ‘Smart City’ is an important dimension of the integrated approach in energy efficiency;Energy is in place, it is to use correctly and efficiently.

Source: Directorate General of Renewable Energy

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