RENSEF 4. Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Trade Fair

RENSEF 4. Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Fair, 17-19 November 2016 between Antalya, will be held at the Glass Pyramid.

Agoras Exhibition Services, all companies and visitors operating in the field of renewable energy systems and energy efficiency RENSEF 4. invites the Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Fair.

Solar energy systems for solar photovoltaic industry EPC, panels, inverters, suppliers and engineering companies participated in the fair weight to this day the 48 provinces out of a total of 6,000 visitors from more than 600 investors visited on reputation.Exhibition of 3 years RENSEF GES solar photovoltaic investors and suppliers in our country was the meeting point in the autumn.

Renewable energy systems and energy efficiency sector of all the players, RENSEF 2016 listening session in to join RENSEF Forum exhibition, meet with investors, they remind, is invited to develop relations refresher and business networks.

RENSEF 4. Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Trade Fair

As awareness increases about alternative energy, photovoltaic , bioenergy and energy efficiency solutions to the rapidly growing demand is observed in many industries and sectors. With the knowledge that occur south of Turkey in this regard, investors will tend to clean energy in many areas.

Mediterranean, Aegean, Central Anatolia, tourism in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia, all or some of the sectors of agriculture and industry is at the forefront of sophisticated and there are many strategic cities. For many potential investors resident in this region as the ideal meeting point for Antalya in the forefront. The reason for being at the forefront of Antalya on this subject in the tourism ministry approved it contains approximately 900 hotels and resorts. Antalya, Izmir and found that we think about tourism ministry 2000adet approved hotels in Las Vegas; In terms of price and quality in this area to offer the most competitive environments in Antalya. in the city for tourists from Europe many points, the point has been created numerous attractions in and around the town; here is another important factor that attracts investors. This situation reveals that the ideal meeting point and demonstrate why Antalya.

On the other hand; south of Turkey is very abundant tourism investors of photovoltaic, solar thermal and reveals considerable potential in the generation of electricity from waste. The biggest expense is electricity bills with tourism investors, investment opportunity to benefit from the food waste tens of millions of tourists from the sun’s southern veyıllık proteges.

Antalya’s farmers also has an important potential investor. Hundreds of thousands are estimated to be in Antalya greenhouse and solar energy as well as bioenergy, could be the solution to the investor. In particular, the number of investors interested in the greenhouse bioenergy solutions in terms of the evaluation of greenhouse waste as an energy source is a great deal more. The presence of farmers who can not get electricity from the high cost of irrigation networks and brings up the topic Solar Irrigation.

Thousands of large tourism, agricultural and industrial facilities in southern Turkey, where these facilities are shown in electricity bills as the biggest expense. Many facilities consumption capacity of the investor as the big resorts that can exceed 3 mW, manager and technical team, they are looking for solutions to reduce costs. Hotels of food waste and municipal waste are also to be assessed as bioenergy.

Why an Energy Fair in Antalya?

– One of the city where the world’s top 5 star hotels and tourist businesses in Antalya; Visitors to the exhibition is to provide high comfortable hotel accommodation facilities economically.
– Antalya transportation is an easy city. Antalya International Airport; Europe, Russia, Turkic Republics and the Middle East 130 ‘s from the city, reaching over 250 times either directly or linked.In addition, each season, more than 20 regularly scheduled flights between Istanbul-Antalya, there are regular direct flights from other cities.
– Antalya is a delightful town. Need transportation from the airport to the exhibition area of the hotel is very easy to accommodate both. In this way, do not spend your time in traffic, you can enjoy live together business and leisure.
– Moreover, unlike our last planting of many big cities, you arrive in Antalya still possible without having to enjoy the summer sun!
– Antalya actively using solar energy in everyday life, there are many companies that produce solar energy.

Why should I participate?

– In particular, namely the Aegean and the Mediterranean region; hoteliers operating in the south of Turkey, industrialists, shopping center managers, hospital administrators, public sector managers and small, your company with medium energy investor, your brand, to introduce your products and services, to demonstrate the use,
– With you on that, and before that person can not find work or a chance to work and organizations to establish close contact,
– To investors in exchange for investments to be made in order to tell that they can achieve profitability,
– To ensure that clean energy is widespread, consumer energy efficiency and renewable energy to raise awareness,
– You must attend a stronger public sector to contribute to the creation RENSEF Fair.

RENSEF 4. Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Trade Profile

History Fair 17 to 19 November 2016 (Thursday – Saturday)
Venue glass Pyramid
City Antalya
Venue Net / m2 2,000 m 2 net Fairgrounds
Fairgrounds Gross / m2 3.000 m 2 gross Activity Area
Visiting hours 10:00 to 19:00
targeted participants 50 20 Foreign Domestic +
targeted Visitors About 2,500 visitors

RENSEF 2016 Online Have you lower your invitation?

Between 17 to 19 November 2016 in Antalya, which will be held at the Glass Pyramid 4.RENSEF Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Fair from Online Invitation section on the right side of the page address before you visit your e-mail address you can get your free online invitations with. be completely filled in the online invitation reach you, it is important to produce a statistical profile of the visitors. After the opening screen, enter your e-mail address to receive invitations online, you must fill in the required information.
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Submission of online invitations in order to ensure free entry to the exhibition area is required. Once you get your invitation e-mail address forget to take along your fair came to visit.
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