Refrigerant Charge

Refrigerant Charge assembled or made to decrease the amount of fluid cooler cooling system. Charged to the cooling system must first be carried out pressure test on the course by keeping leak test, then the moisture in the system, dirt, non-condensable gases vacuuming should be made free and the system is dry and when it became clear the system refrigerant charge must be made.Refrigerant charging amount, it is important to ensure the system operates efficiently.

In the refrigerant charging module, depending on the nature of the refrigerant cooling systems, steam and liquid refrigerant will learn the fluid to perform charging using what techniques and methods will be suitable for individuals working in practice with market conditions. However, charging refrigerant vapor or liquid to the cooler to find out which rules should be observed instantly, you’ll be able to charge safely and correctly. Refrigerant charging is a process that requires the right knowledge and attention. Therefore, the information contained in the module you will have no difficulty in learning market applications carefully.

A new development is happening every day in today’s refrigeration industry. You have chosen all of you will contribute to the development of the refrigeration industry profession.

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Refrigerant Charge

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