Pressure and Water Tank Control Criteria

Water pump, control should be done during practice for the water tank and fire system installation criteria are described.

City network pressure remains insufficient to meet the water needs of multi-storey buildings. In such places, water pump or water tank connected to the system are installed. Water pump and water tank can also be connected together in some plumbing systems can be used as separately. Low water pressure, which releases air and compressing the desired height by automatically running cylindrical tank to the booster pumping system (pressurization tank) is called. The pressurization tank, pump and help make elements mounted on them.

– Water reservoirs must be connected by the shortest route to the booster and as straight as possible.
– Unnecessary turn affect the pump suction.
– The pump is connected so that it is always filled with water.
– In case of high water tank connection port, reduced level through the return line to the pump.
– Maintenance and repairs must be made accessible location for comfort.

Control Criteria of Water Tank

– That could be closed to make the best of the open water tank cleaning necessary and should be a cleaning cover the ventilation holes. Vent tilted down or left end of the ventilation pipe should be.
– Contents should be isolated to prevent the water freezing in the winter and heat in summer.
– Installation of the outlet pipe to flow into the deposited precipitate bottom lip of the tank must be 10 cm above the floor.
– Roof becomes extremely hot during the summer. Water produces bacteria at 30-40 ° C. It creates a favorable environment for growth of microbes. placed between the tank roof, it creates an additional load on the building. For this to be put in the cooler basement.
– It is placed before the booster pump to feed. Or feed water booster pump meets this store.
– Maintenance and repairs must be made accessible location for comfort.
– A pit of dirty water tank should be done near as measures against overflow.
– Storage of wood, steel or masonry should be on the mat. Today the store is self-made pedestal produced.

Control Criteria for Fire Installations

– Separately from the fire equipment plumbing is done using galvanized or black steel pipes.
– Take care that the pipes are shown as straight and short.
– Choose the easiest place to reach for the installation of fire-prevention. Generally, stairwells and doorways would be appropriate. connecting pipes connected to the girth of the fire cabinets as short as possible.
– Sealed to keep the fire equipment, and always under the fire column that separates a valve in the open position and there must be an irreversible valve. The valve is open so you can easily be seen rising from the national type selected and only when it is commanded that part of the installation, or can be switched off during maintenance and repair work situations.
– There must be an automatic vent allowing evacuation of the air from the top of the pipe installation.Vent also facilitates the discharge of the pipe when necessary. The pipes are corrosion-resistant.Before lining must be made after the protective coating. Pipe route where the open corrosive effects of external shocks or exceed the areas where electrical hazards. Pipe connections using the format fittings (fittings) threaded connections, flanged or welded connections are made using threaded clamp connection types.
– Whatever Pipe connection type and format must be resistant to operating pressure required by the standard.
– Pipes should never carry their own weight. Pipe wall, ceiling, structural load bearing elements or specially made for consoles, the pipe hanger, stand or secured with clamps.
– Linen in the pipes no longer be taken to ensure the construction and metal scraps. These residues may cause blockages in the system.

Source: MEGEP, Control Criteria

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