MIT has offered Gemmocot Acid Pump

Ekin Industrial “MIT” brand was gemmocot Acid Pump Market touts the series.

Offering dangerous and aggressive chemicals, acid pumps on the market, especially in the transfer of fluid to meet different needs, such as circulation Ekin Industrial offers solutions in partnership with all the features necessary to transfer all liquid products.

Process Pumps Manager Melih Cihan Raiders “This design allows a variety of applications that are best sealed pumps reduce maintenance costs gemmocot was talking about as an alternative to the acid pump and maximum efficiency, voiced guarantee safety. With Seal-structures, in environments where he said leaking and does not constitute any problem. And fan body material PP / PVDF is the surface that contacts the liquid EPDM is. Maximum capacity: 45 m3 / h Maximum head: 33 mss, Max. Fluid viscosity of 200 cSt, he said.

Gemmocot was Acid Pump Features

MIT – gemmecot was magnetically coupled pumps are manufactured from thermoplastic material.transfer many different fluids, especially hazardous and corrosive chemicals are used for needs such as circulation

General Features of the Pump

HTM PP / PVDF Acid Pump
Body and fan material: PP / PVDF
surfaces in contact with the liquid:
– O-Ring: EPDM (standard PP pumps)
Viton (standard for PVDF pumps)
– SAFT: 99.7% Al2O3,
– Beds: PTFEC
Maximum capacity: 45 m3 / h
Maximum head: 33 mss
Max. Fluid Viscosity: 200 cSt
Max. Fluid temperature: – max PP models. 70 ° C, max PVDF models. 90 ° C
Engine power: According to the model range from 0.12 kW to 7.5 kW.
Connection Diameter: According to Model 1 “to 3” ranged.
Pressure Rating: 20 ° C NP 4

Acid Pump What is it?

Acid pumps to harm another name for the chemical pumps, surface burning, piercing and centrifugal pump range is derived from thermoplastic material for making the transfer of hazardous liquids.

Especially thanks to the electric motor of the centrifugal pump characterized with the acid used in the chemical industry may be used to transfer the liquid hazards to high capacity.

Magnetic pumps is due to fan surrounded magnets established in a tanesidir.iç of the most important choices in acid applications hazardous fluids can be transferred by magnetic force. acid pumps where fluid is sensitive are preferred. Fluid type and the most suitable acid pump chemical resistance, taking into account the elements are selected.

Source: Ekin Industrial

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