Measurement of the Cooling Circuit Value

Cooling Circuit measurement and performance testing is an evaluation to test the compliance with the goals of the product at the end of the production phase. In addition, all tools and equipment lose their performance after a while we use.

Reasons often incorrect installation, emerges as the formation of impurities or breakdown. Cooling systems technician as manufacturing or maintenance and troubleshooting procedures that we do our cooling system, we need to test the suitability of the intended use by the performance measurement. Performance test temperature, pressure and power consumption are the decisive factor for good value. to obtain accurate data on performance measurements of the cooling system and it is important to interpret. Be accurately known properties of test and measurement equipment and its use will allow us to obtain reliable information.

Performance of Cooling Circuit module with cooling devices operating in the information and will be able to measure their performance. You will be able to determine the value of the cooling system performance by interpreting the measured values. Test and measurement equipment must first know very well the features fit for purpose and should use them. you will be pleased as well, including users initially be cooler device is working properly.

Cooling Circuit, by Svet cooling circuit is designed as performance issues, the Ministry of Education is provided free of charge. Installation Technology and Air Conditioning Area is published under the title.

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Cooling Circuit Testing and Performance Testing


Source: MEGEP, Vocational and Technical Training Programs and Training Materials,

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