MAKTEK Eurasia 2016 Exhibition

Association of Machine Tools Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (TIAD) and the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (MIB) is the largest meeting of the Eurasian first time they made in collaboration with the machinery sector, which MAKTEK Eurasia 2016 Exhibition, 11-16 October 2016 date at the TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center in Büyükçekmece It’s gonna happen.

Strategic sectors joined forces was taken major steps to 2023 vision.
industrialization through technological development and several industry’s competitiveness direct national professional organization of machine tools manufacturer which is the basic means of production of the right to influence the strength of having the machinery manufacturing industry with the industry, will sign an important collaboration for the first time. At the same time this exhibition, the coordination between these strategic sectors and will be an important step in the development of innovative partnerships.

Turkey’s $ 500 billion determining the $ 100 billion ambitious export targets in Vision 2023 are two complementary strategic sectors of the representatives of the Association of Machine Tools Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (TIAD) and Original Equipment Manufacturers Association (CPU) MAKTEK Eurasia 2016 Fair is organized in cooperation with TC Science, Industry and Technology Ministry also supported.

Performing export to developed countries.
More than 80 percent of the machine tool consumption in Turkey is met by TIAD members. TIAD carry out activities for the benefit of the country and its members, as of 2000, the European Machine Tools, Tools and Accessories Trade Association (CELIMO) was a member. CELIMO total capital of 10 billion euros last 1,200 machine tool distributor represents the company and our country is an important market for exporters in the first degree. Machine Tools Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (TIAD) TIAD located within academia and industry with TIAD Professional Testing Center of professional development is provided.
MAKTEK Eurasian President Ilhan Ersözlü “Turkey has set for the year 2023 500 billion dollar export target of $ 100 billion share of the largest exporters of the sector plans to become the machinery industry said, noting that performs 13 billion in exports in 2013″ as short as Turkish machinery industry 10 years the success achieved in a period of 2012 and continued in 2013.Turkish machinery industry export-import ratio of the output levels of 43 percent from 27 percent over the last decade. Sector 2012 and 2013, primarily in Germany, UK, USA, France, Iraq has exported to 200 countries, including industrialized countries, such as Russia and Italy. Machinery exports in Turkey; # 35 worldwide in 2001, while in 2012 27 as well, while in Europe in 2012, while 15 moved up to # 18 in 2001. Employment in the machinery sector, according to Turkstat in 2010 reached 154 thousand people. ”

Turkey’s rising position in the world ranking!
Machinery Manufacturers Association (CPU) performs the existing 165 members of the 60-65 per cent of investment-type machinery exports. many well-known companies in their respective industries, making exports more than 100 countries to invest in machinery. Europe holds an important place in the foreign trade, followed by the Middle East, Asian countries, comes from the Far East and America. members represented by the MIB are increased by 6.14 percent to 493.6 million dollars of exports in 2013 was exported. Turkey’s machine tools industry is Gardner’s exports to 429.50 million dollars in 2012, according to the Machine Tools Report dated February 27, 2014, 2013 rose to $ 471.40 million. Turkey’s role in the export of machine tools in the world ranking rose from 16.’lık 15.’lig.

MAKTEK Eurasia 2016 Exhibition

MAKTEK Eurasia 2016 Exhibition

Maker of the most important manufacturers of machine tools in the Eurasian region which is the basic means of production of the manufacturing industry by industry, come together in MAKTEK Eurasia 2016 Fair. MAKTEK Eurasia Fair in Turkey in 2016 and more than 1,000 of the world’s leading companies and company representatives will take place. Germany, France, Spain, China, England, has become one of the most preferred fairs in the world along with Taiwan national participation. Increased capacity with a total covered area of 120,000 square meters with the participation TÜYAP Fair and Congress Merkezi’nin14 hall will also be used to the full. At the fair, machine tools, metal – sheet metal working machines, holders – cutting tools, quality control – measuring systems, CAD / CAM, will be participant in the areas of PLM software and production technologies.

MAKTEK Eurasia 2016 Exhibition Masthead

History11 – 16 OCTOBER 2016
LocationTÜYAP Fair and Congress Center in Istanbul
Net Exhibition Area14 Hall (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14. Halls) / (120,000 square meters)
Chairman of the Project GroupKuzey Osmanbaşoğlu + 90 (212) 867 12 12
Project Sales ManagerIlkay BEŞİZ + 90 (212) 867 12 13
Project Sales ManagerMete GÖKER + 90 (212) 867 12 22
Project Sales SpecialistArda AYÇİN + 90 (212) 867 12 24
Project Marketing ManagerBurak GÜRSES + 90 (212) 867 12 96
Project Marketing SpecialistEce ÇAĞLAR + 90 (212) 867 12 25
Project Marketing SpecialistSeçil OYAN + 90 (212) 867 12 23
Project SecretaryPınar YEŞİL + 90 (212) 867 12 11

MAKTEK Eurasia 2016 Exhibition Coverage

-Cnc Laser and Universal Machining Machinery
-Sheet Processing Machinery
-Metal Cutting and retaining teams
-Street / CAM Technology
-And measuring Instruments, Quality Control Devices and Equipment
-Source Cutting Equipment, Welding Equipment and Spare Parts
-Heat Processing Equipment
-Handling Systems
-Recognize the lubrication and cooling systems
-Public Institutions and Universities
-related Professional Organizations
-Finans Organizations
-Sektörel Publications

MAKTEK Eurasia 2016 Exhibition Profile

-Machine Tools
-Street – Glass & Control Systems
-Nonsence Processing Technology
-And measuring, Quality Control and Test Equipment
-Machine Tools, and Other International Contributions
-University, Sectoral Associations and Related Publications

MAKTEK Eurasia 2016 Exhibition Visitor Profile

-Automotive Industry
-Machinery Industry
-Defence And Aerospace Industries
-Electrical And Electronic Industry
-White Goods Industry
-Mold Industry
-Agriculture Machinery Industry
-Plastic Machinery Industry
-It Machinery Industry
-Business & Construction Machinery Industry
-Medical Equipment Industry
-Food Machinery Industry
-Ship Construction Industry
-Of iron & steel industry
-Casting Industry

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