Isısan Air Conditioning Installation Book

Isısan Air Conditioning Installation Book air conditioning industry in design, prepared for contracting and consultancy which to share information with renewed and evolving technology and to at engineering the right steps without expectation of remuneration by Isısan publication has been made public is published as a PDF on their site. Isısan Air Conditioning Installation Book is an important resource in this direction, especially for the many engineers to be a mechanical engineer.Isısan air conditioning Installation Book of preparing and offering the use of engineers, Mr. Rüknettin Thanks to Küçükçalı and teammates.

Air conditioning installation Book from Isısan Mr. Rüknettin Küçükçalı before the book’s foreword Let me quote.

“Air Conditioning Installation updated 3rd edition of the book’s publication in Isısan 18. We present to you the Book.

Despite the economic crisis, are issuing work as a small part of doing useful things for our country, the new air conditioning installations books continued for three years. I believe that the advent of Turkey’s efforts to better everyone’s business. “Move not pierce the water force is the continuation of the drop.” I think his words would be a particularly meaningful messages for today.

Buildings 50 years, the system is being done for 20 years or more to be used. go beyond the use of energy today economic conditions, we plan to use the right in tomorrow’s conditions. Air-conditioning systems, economic life and calculated the actual cost of lifetime total cost will be displayed.

Architecture envisaged cutting the solar project, the use of less heat emitting electrical fixtures, investigating the use of heat-emitting devices will reduce the energy consumption of buildings. Heat gain will be reduced to the cooling load of the building and reduced air circulation numbers will increase in thermal comfort.

The environment; extreme heat or cold, damp or dry air caused by heat stress is known to cause a variety of diseases and even psychological problems. instead of sick building known installation engineers in Turkey, comfortable and intelligent building projects and applications are performing domestically and abroad successfully. Excessive operation of complex building is well maintained with difficulty. Therefore, we will make installation should be as simple as it was excellent.

Section 13.6, we examine the air conditioning system by choosing a selection of 62 criteria. The importance of each criterion and the criteria are expected to be announced in detail. The eight systems can be applied to selected from air conditioning systems, evaluation criteria were compared for each system by itself. No system does not include all the benefits. Building scale and purpose of use, the wishes of the owner, according to climate conditions, will choose the most suitable system installation planners. Features in this section, open to discussion and were prepared to develop together.
The architecture-installation project coordination was prepared as a separate section.
Indoor air quality, the air conditioning system of high buildings, measures can be taken against legionnaires’ disease, air duct design, smoke control, thermal comfort, clean rooms, automatic control, seismic measures can be taken in air conditioning systems were prepared as special sections.

system solutions in the book, sample projects, theoretical and practical knowledge, innovations in air conditioning, applied conditioning systems, system selection criteria and system comparison charts, diagrams, calculation methods, specific application areas, provides information that can be used in projects and applications. Technical evaluations are always open to discussion.

Books from blocking think this perspective is prepared to share information and create alternatives.
Air conditioning installation of the book by Prof. Dr. We prepared with ahmet Arısoy. Prod. Dr.Abdurrahman Sword “Fire and Smoke Control Facilities”, Mr. Mustafa miller and Mr. Emre Ozmen “Automatic control and automation” Prof. Dr. Taner Equity “Clean rooms and operating theaters in air conditioning installations”, Mr. Dr. Bulent Vural “Pumps” drafted sections. I would like to thank them personally.

Isısan of engineers and technicians was a complete team effort with outstanding work. Emre Akay, Ali Aktas, Tariq Altınel Mehmet Aras Jihad President Serhat Büyükyıldız, Volcano throated, Arda Days, Taurus Rose, Berk fine, Turhan King, Mehmet Kaykı is in the corner Zahia, Nurettin Küçükçalı, Feyzin Oguz, Fatih Oner, Ilhan Sen Selman Tarm is Arzu Tuna Onder Yazgan, are valued member of this team. I would like to thank them.

In addition, Mr. their contributions to this book Erdogan Atakan, Clever Aksu, Mustafa Bilge, Erdinç Boz, Ismail Can, Serper Giray Ersin Gökbudak, Tuncer Kınıklı, Jalal Okudan, valued partner Gokhan Ozbek, Ayhan Razgat, Baycan Sunaç, Orth Turan, who edits the book Hussein sailor and literature teacher Fatma Arısoy and also thank my colleagues to show the courtesy to tell us their criticism by reading this book. ”
Rüknettin Küçükçalı
A. Mechanical Engineer

Isısan Air Conditioning Installation Book

Information: Isısan Air Conditioning Installation Book in PDF format, published by Isısan. Sc is not in any way from the real book.

Isısan Air Conditioning Installation Manual

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