International SHF Fire & Rescue Exhibition 2016

Trade fair for the industry are expected in the country for years SHF Fire & Rescue!

Fire, Emergency and Search and Rescue to the private sector only fair SHF International Fire & Rescue Fair, the industry is poised to bring together 20 times.

International SHF Fire & Rescue Fair in 2012. Until mainly included electronic systems related to fire safety when you are taking, we did in 2012, the new design results in a fire, all products related to emergency and search and rescue have added to the scope of our fair. And finally SHF 2015 International Fire & Rescue Fair, the industry’s size befitting manner with our start to organize our fair halls experienced a spectacular change compared to previous years.

Both exhibitors and visitors as well as with the industry experienced growth in motivation caused bySHF International Fire & Rescue Exhibition ‘s industry restructured in order to be able to represent the widest sense. This configuration can result in the scope of the fair;

-Fire preventive materials, inhibitors
-Fire detectors, first responder systems and infrastructures
-Fire extinguishers, fire escape and fire intervention
-Disaster Response, Search And Rescue, First Aid

We have designed to cover titles.

So far, all of the different sector groups involved in the fair and gather under one roof industry, sector 4 years ago started this process with the need to decide on a fair arrangement can show the real size; a significant portion of the main title of our exhibition has resulted in our buluşturabilme under one roof.

Shortly after the International Fire & Rescue Fair, we will intensify our efforts SHF all segments of the industry from 2016 to be a fair gather together, we aim to be the industry’s meeting place in the region where our country.

Also in 2016, as well as all of our SHF Fire & Rescue International Trade Fair ‘in;

Industry 4.0 era and “IOT (Internet of Things / Object of Communication)” of the sector will be the main content of our fair reflection. What will be the changes in the industry in the new era with the direction of the participants to exhibit the product as well as the reflection of our trade fair will focus strongly in the effectiveness of the fair, we aim to be the mirror of the future of the industry.

Industry-specific, international specialized exhibition was organized under the International Fire & Rescue Fair excitement SHF transmitter located in the environment and get your share of the growing trade volume of the sector to consolidate our position in the industry;

You are also our fair participants are invited to take part.

SHF Fire & Rescue Exhibition

SHF Fire & Rescue – Artifact to Product and Service Groups

Fire Retardant Materials

-Fire Wall
-Fire Stop Plates, curtains and Pillows
-Fire-Shield Funding
-Flammable Filling Materials
-Fire-Resistant Gauze Strips
-Fire-resistant Pipe Clamps and Cuffs
-Fire retardant paints, varnishes, primers and coatings
-Fire Resistant Ceiling Systems
-Fire-Resistant Floor Systems
-Fire resistant Cables and Laying Systems
-Fire and smoke Blocking Doors
-Fire and smoke Blocking glass
-Fire and smoke Barrier and Curtains
–Fire and smoke Dampers
-Oxygen Reduction Systems

Alarm and Detection Systems

-Metal detectors
-Panels and modules
-Fire Alarm Buttons
-Hazard warning lights and Sirens
-Distributors and Relays
-Emergency Announcement Systems
-Power supplies and batteries
-Boxes and Casings
-Fire Department Information Systems
-Test and Maintenance Equipment

Fire Extinguishing Systems

–Fire Cabinet and hose Systems
-Pump, Valve and Hydrant Systems
-Portable Fire Extinguishers
-Foam Extinguishing Systems
-Sprinkler Extinguishing Systems
-Hood Extinguishing Systems
-Gas Extinguishing Systems
-Micro-Sprinkler Systems
-Water Mist Extinguishing Systems
-Dusty Lured Flash Systems
-Fire Water Tanks

Escape and Emergency Systems

-Fire Escape stairs and Ramps
-Fire Exit Doors
-Emergency lighting and guidance Systems
-Jump Mattresses and Linens
-Rescue Tunnels
-Emergency Equipment Cabinets

Smoke evacuation and ventilation

-Smoke and heat Evacuation Systems
-Smoke Evacuation Fans
-Fire and smoke Barrier and Curtains
-Pressure Ventilation Systems
-Fire Dampers

Fire and Fire Fighting Vehicles

-Ladder Fire Trucks
-Telescopic Boom Fire Trucks
-Fire and Extinguishing Tools
-Trailer-Type Fire Trucks
-Search and rescue and pioneering Tools
-Airborne fighting vehicle and equipment

Fire and Heat Resistant Clothing and Equipment

-Fire Approach Dresses
-Fire Blankets
-Fire fighting Helmets and helmets Header, m
-Fire Fighter Gloves
-Fireman boots and Boots
-Fresh Air Tube Respiratory Equipment
-Gas Masks and Filters
-Protective Knitting Titles
-Cold Vests
-Fire-resistant rope, Fabric and Accessories
-Fireman Dresses

Search & Rescue Equipment

-Search and rescue cameras and recording systems
-Detection Systems
-Recovery systems and Installations
-Cutting and separation Equipment
-Removal and towing Equipment
-Underwater and Over-water search and rescue Equipment
-Generator, Battery and Charger Systems
-Stretchers and Accessories
-Announcement and Lighting Systems
-Warning Lamp and direction signs
-Search And Rescue Tents
-Communication Equipment
-Search And Rescue Equipment
-Search And Rescue Schools

First Aid and Health Equipment

-Disinfection equipment & supplies
-First Aid Supplies
-First-Aid Tents
-Medical Equipment
-Stretchers and Accessories
-Ambulances, Mobile Hospitals
-Respiratory Equipment
-Data Management
-Training, consultancy and quality management Companies
-Risk analysis and Risk Engineering Companies
-Insurance Companies
-Related institutions, associations, Chambers and Associations

Fire & Rescue – Visitor Profile
-Fire Protection Systems, Equipment Sector Companies (Manufacturers, Dealers, Dealer, Practitioner)
-Installation Equipments Manufacturers and Resellers
-Fire Department Offices
-Provincial Civil Defence Troops
-Civil Defence – Search And Rescue Units
-Civil Defence Departments
-Construction Sector
-Construction Contracting Companies, Nowadays
-Mechanical Contracting Firms
-Electrical Contracting Companies
-Cooperative Associations
-Architects and engineers
-Public institutions and Organizations
-Municipalities, Municipal Companies
-Governor’s Governorship: Social Services Division,
-Organized Industrial District Offices
-The Turkish Armed Forces, The Police
-Chambers of Commerce and industry
-Consulates, Embassies, Commercial Attaches
-Educational Institutions, Universities
-Banks, Financial Institutions
-Shopping Centers, Business Centers
-Retail Industry, Building Markets
-Largest industrial enterprises and Companies
-Holding Companies, Large-Sized Companies
-Travel, Accommodation, Hospitality Industry
-Industry Associations
-Other (Company Leads)

Why SHF Fire & Rescue?

-SHF Responds correctly to the needs of the sector. Trade in line with the expectations and demands of visitors participating organizations are carried out.
-SHF Participants to contribute ideas and suggestions to the fair with the idea. Participants are given to all claims related fairs.
-SHF, Also when it is not fair to the participants, providing the possibility of establishing commercial links towards developing their businesses.
-SHF participants not only as customers, which see them as a partner.
-The World, by visiting all the fairs relevant sector, developments are being followed to date.
bringing together the buyers and users of -Ürün; demands, are determined by the needs and expectations in what direction is it made appropriate planning.
Since its -the subsists SHF developed every year, it has continued to grow even during the global crisis.

SHF Fire & Rescue Why is it Important?

It becomes mandatory fire in buildings built -New project,
-New-Possession required to fire all workplaces and all the facilities of the old system,
Parallel to show more care in -Fire precautions, having recognized the need for protection against disasters and growing consumer demand in this area,
-Business Health and Safety issues, especially more emphasis in recent years,
-Business accidents due to the consequences of not only professional, have more paying attention to each individual’s job security,
-The those who desire to work in a healthier work environment,
-New Laws and regulations of the Occupational Safety and Health rules must be complied with, the
-And All growing parallel to them and it is the only platform that met the emerging markets,

SHF is increasing with each passing day the importance of the Fair.

Why Join the SHF Fire & Rescue Fair?

-To Reach the consumer, we produce growing consumer awareness of and alternatives to the product / service has become difficult to steer. For this purpose different studies can be performed.Here are the most important methods of winning at this point, which allows you to be within touching are fair.
-Potential Buyers and establish a connection with one to one target audience,
-Minimum to increase your sales by time and budget,
-New To establish business contacts, strengthen existing business contacts,
-Bireb To introduce your new product to your respective recipients, to increase brand awareness and value,
-Market In the forefront, a step that increased competition in the construction market differentiation stands out,
you make the jump to strengthen your connection with the operating companies and individuals,
-Technology, To follow the latest developments in products and industrial applications,
You should join shf’y.

SHF Fire & Rescue Exhibition ID

LocationDTM Istanbul Expo Center / Yesilköy
History22-25 September 2016
First Regulation Year2007 (Istanbul), 2000 (London)
Views Edit19 times (9 times in Istanbul, Ankara 10 times)
Range of regulationYearly
Main Sectors Covered by Trade-Fire Emergency and Search and Rescue
-Occupational health and Safety
Trade Area (Total m2)10,100 sqm (gross), 6,051 m² (net)
Participants Company74 (2012), 100 (2013), 120 (2014), 148 (2015)
Exhibitor Company Number160 (2012), 210 (2013), 238 (2014), 244 (2015)
Number of Visitors3017 (2012), 4109 (2013), 5768 (2014), 8334 (2015)

Source: Marmara Fair Organization,,

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