Installation Industry 2016 Year Foreign Trade

Installation, plumbing, heating, refrigeration, air conditioning and in the sector of sanitary systems in 2016 be held fairs abroad. International heating, refrigeration, air-conditioning, ventilation, insulation, Pump, valve, sanitary, water treatment, and solar energy Systems trade fairs will be held in different countries as well.

The experts from all over the world, participants and visitors in addition to providing the opportunity to exchange information with, ongoing supportive programs during trade fairs and industry-leading clubs thanks to collaborations with heating, refrigeration, air-conditioning, ventilation, which allows visitors to the main titles of the participants and recognise the great possibilities.Exhibitions/installations, provides an in-depth perspective on the entire sector, associations, journals, with several international fairs sector fully represented, for the long term business relations network, is the industry’s most important business events.
Installation fairs, symposiums and conferences, as well as the participation of visitors to show consists of many different events planned.

Installation Industry 2016 fair guide

IFH/INTHERM: Heating, Air Conditioning, Sanitary Fair 05.04.2016-08.04.2016 Nurnberg/Germany
China Refrigeration/CR Expo: Cooling, Heating, Ventilation And Air Conditioning Exhibition 07.04.2016-09.04.2016 .. .Many/China
China Refrigeration 2016: International heating, ventilation, Refrigeration and Frozen food, production, packing and storage exhibition 07.04.2016-09.04.2016 Beijing/China
Russia Power: Energy Fair 19.04.2016-21.04.2016 Moscow/Russia
INSTALACJE 2016: Heating, cooling, ventilation, water and sewage Technologies 25.04.2016-28.04.2016 POZNAN/Poland
Aqua-THERM 2016:18. International trade fair for Heating – Cooling 17.05.2016-20.05.2016 Kiev/Ukraine
ISH China & CIHE 2016: China International heating, ventilation and Air-conditioning Expo 30.05.2016-01.06.2016 Beijing/China
EnTech Pollutec – Renewable Energy: environmental and energy Fair 01.06.2016-04.06.2016 Bangkok/Thailand
ENTECH POLLUTEC ASIA: environment and energy technologies exhibition 01.06.2016-04.06.2016 Bangkok/Thailand
IRAQ HVACEXPO 2016: heating, Cooling, air conditioning, insulation, ventilation, Purification 01.06.2016-04.06.2016 Erbil/Iraq
PE Power & Energy Africa Kenya 2016:5. International Kenya Power and energy Fair 10.06.2016-12.06.2016 Nairobi/Kenya
Solar Africa Kenya 2016:3. International Kenya solar power technologies fair 10.06.2016-12.06.2016 Nairobi/Kenya
PE Power & Energy Africa Tanzania 2016:2. International Tanzanian Power and energy Fair 07.07.2016-09.07.2016 Dar Es Salaam/Tanzania
Solar Africa Tanzania 2016: International trade fair for solar energy in Tanzania 07.07.2016-09.07.2016 Dar Es Salaam/Tanzania
INTERSOLAR: Solar Energy Fair 12.07.2016-14.07.2016 San Francisco/USA
FILTECH 2016: European market Filter and separation Installations 11.10.2016-13.10.2016 Cologne/Germany
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