Indigenous Production Freezes Countries

Turkey’s foreign trade deficit in January 2016 was increased by 10.3 percent compared with the same month. Turkey’s current account balance deficit of 2.76 billion dollars ‘open’ began with 2017. 12-month current account deficit was recorded as 33 billion 163 million dollars.

The unemployment rate in November 2016, which was announced last month, reached 12.1 per cent year-on-year. This month, the unemployment rate for the period of December 2016 increased by 1.9 percent compared to the same period of the previous year and was announced as 12.7 percent. Unemployment was at the peak of 7 years Unemployment was approaching 4 million. By industry, employment in the industry decreased by 51 thousand compared to the previous year and employment in the construction sector decreased by 28 thousand.

Turkey Statistical Institute (TUIK) data, inflation was above market expectations of 0.40 percent, which is an increase of 0.81 percent in February, the annual inflation in double digits for the first time after a long break appeared with 10.13 percent. Economists point out that inflation, which is double-digit rising with the increase in the market expectation of inflation in February, is influenced by the rise in food and energy prices and the exchange rate.

The producer side agrees that the most effective solution for the improvement of this table is to support the domestic production. To support the domestic production, the air conditioning sector is of great importance for Turkey. Yasemin Akgul, Chairman of Aironn, a manufacturer of fans, a specialist on fan engineering, suggests that domestic production does not see enough support.Ahmed says: “unfortunately still hesitant to rely on domestic production in Turkey is experiencing.However, it is stipulated that all companies that are requested to bid must declare the same certificates. These certifications are obtained from the same international certification bodies, in the same laboratories, through the same tests. If these international organizations were giving the same certificate to lower-end devices, nobody would have stipulated that this certification should be respected. As we have all the international certifications required, it is clear that our quality perception should not be under an imported product. Moreover, when the technical specifications of the device are examined, it will be seen that the features which are clearly superior. These rational aspects are, in fact, perceived and appreciated by the buyer, but unfortunately the domestic product is being asked to buy at a very low price. In other words, even if they see that the domestic product has better quality compared to the imported product, they want to sell the imported product with a very low profit margins while it can not make a sound to be sold with high profit margins. This approach to R & D from the Turkish engineering, deprives the developing technology prevents manufacturers in Turkey and finally the strengthening of the industrial structure. Domestic manufacturer; It enlarges employment, enables added value to remain in our country, reduces foreign currency outflow and foreign dependency, and enables us to become a country that develops technology and thus exports high added value products. In addition, domestic producers have to invest continuously; If we look at the example of Aironn; new factory, new production line, compliance with AMCA / ANSI 250-12 and AMCA / ANSI 210-07 standards with international validity Fan testing laboratory, also accredited by TÜV-SÜD, steps of regular investment tradition. All of this is a business area for others. This means opening a chain, domestic production chain business area. In addition, the domestic producer is next to the 7/24 customer. From the project design process to installation, maintenance and spare parts procurement solution partner for every customer. We, we do not get our own domestic production in all areas, we ignore strongly in the future of our country’s domestic production we will be faced with a Turkey that we can move our remaining domestic firms. It should not be forgotten that domestic production liberates the countries. ”

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