Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Fire detection and alarm, accommodation, collection, education, healthcare, commercial, office, industrial, storage, prison, for in all buildings, fire in the initial phase by detecting reaching dangerous levels, so as to ensure that all the necessary measures have been designed specifically for each building, the establishment which is legally required fire early warning system.

System simplest sense, the various types of fire detectors to detect the initial phase of the detected fire to do the evaluation, and the main control panel where necessary to warn and consists of audible or visual warning device.

In the initial stages of a fire in the fire detection system detects the overall aim is to make the warnings as necessary. Each passing minute is important since made the warning. Accordingly, making the intervention as soon as possible to the place where the fire occurs, but it is possible by the appearance on the panel, the location of occurrence of a fire. Fire detection systems are grouped according to the principle of obtaining this information.

Conventional (classical) Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Fire or malfunction of information on the panels in the system (zone) is seen basis. Where the system is installed the building is divided into sections. This partitioning can be done in certain times or in certain buildings. wiring system, made according to the number of zones to be created. Up to 20 sensors can be connected to each zone. fire alarm button can be used as desired. Siren cable from the panel drawn separately.

Addressable Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Online fire and fault address appears on the LCD screen on the basis of the panel. constitute an address on the panel all devices in the system. These addresses can be written in Turkish request.

As used in systems architecture and complex building had to be in the building fire-fighting. All fire detection devices and manual intervention because it constitutes an address can be done as soon as possible. According to the conventional systems, they are systems with advanced technical features. All elements in the system that works with its own software system. Fighting, gas detection, building automation, music, announcements, such systems have an infrastructure that connected with the system.

Creator System Components and Features

Main Control Panel

The warning signal from the detector and fire alarm buttons evaluating one of the 32 regions up zone (area) controller cards which are fire alarm control panel. The system operates with 24V DC voltage.Electricity has been cut in the control panel, system maintenance type battery pack and voltage capable of supplying 24 hours can receive input from 220 V AC system, 26-28 V DC output with plant feeding at the same time the battery is a power supply available that can be charged. LEDs and buzzer in front of the fire alarm fault and the panel of the system (buzz) and notify users. If you automatically activate sirens in the system is that the fire alarm. Buzzer on the front panel, to silence the siren, that panel has buttons for functions such as reset.

Optical Smoke Detector

Photometric principle that detects smoke by employees, the signals once sent to the main panel, after considering, located on a LED indicating the alarm condition detectors are made of ABS thermoplastic housing. Place under normal conditions of use of smoke, dust and steam is no public spaces. (Hotel rooms, hospital rooms, offices, rooms, electrical panels, such as stores.) Sensing area 70-100m² d.

Ionization Smoke Detector

Visible and invisible gas particles that will not feel the fire start, the signals once sent to the main panel, after considering, located on a LED indicating the alarm condition detectors are made of ABS thermoplastic housing. Stainless steel and in a sealed radioactive element Americium 241 comprise a part.

Place under normal conditions of use of smoke, dust and steam is no public spaces. (Hotel rooms, hospital rooms, offices, storage rooms, such as electrical panels.) Sensing area 70-100m² d.

Heat Detectors

Fixed heat detector ; It found that a specific value of the ambient temperature (57 C to 85 C) according to the principle of achieving the temperature increase rate detector; The change in a specific time range of ambient temperatures is based on the alarming incoming signal once the main panel then evaluated the sender, located on an LED for indicating an alarm condition, are detectors made body of ABS thermoplastic. Place under normal conditions of use of smoke, dust and steam is generally located in neighborhoods. (Kitchens, restaurants, laundries, boiler are like bars) detection area of 30 to 50m² is.

Beam (Beam) Detectors

A transmitter that emits infrared rays and consists of a receiver that can detect these signals. The warning alarm panel to be cut by the smoke device operates on the basis of the beam. Use places;Not the normal type of detector used is a large and high-ceilinged spaces. (Warehouses, gyms, such as factories) detection areas; 100m maximum from the transceiver, between the right and left detectors 7 m.

Smoke Detectors

Fire detection systems, detectors are used to detect the different effects of the fire. detector type to be used for determining the combustion characteristics of the material in the environment must be known. and it is working to slow the burning smoke detector with electro-optical principles that can respond quickly.

Fire Alarm Buttons

Frame is made of hard plastic-looking, broken glass and pressed glass that are manual alarm button has been designed to put the system alarm status after it. Use places; usually escape routes are in the hallway.

Fire Alarm Siren

The panel, electronic warning devices that are loud warning after the alarm information from detectors or buttons. A separate cable is pulled from the panel and connected on this line.

General Block Diagram of the Fire Alarm System

Panels, keypads, smoke detector, siren Connection Scheme

Processing Order

– Burglar alarm panel of the wiring diagram is examined.
– Cable to be used is selected based on the information in the User Guide.
– Burglar alarm system components locations are determined.
– If installation is laid plaster taken appropriate channels.
– Conductors are pulled into the channel.
– Burglar alarm system is mounted on the elements in place.
– Input connections are made of components.
– All testing is done by giving power after connecting elements.

Cautions on

The rules in the instruction manual of the alarm system to work properly need to pay attention to the construction of proper installation.

– Do more than 5mm stripping cable ends when making connections.
– When installing, please note the terminal color with cable color to match with each other.
– Do not connect cables other than those shown in the wiring diagram
– The number circle diameter of the pipes used in the installation taking into account must be at least 14mm.
– Password Enter the keypad to stop the alarm must be installed to close the door.
– Observe the rules applied in the project and Public Works ministry of interior wiring regulations technical specifications.
– Open the cover by removing the screws of the control panel.
– Panel housing ease of transportation, energy and taking into account the telephone line mount.
– Mains power cable, telephone cable, trunk cables for keypads and detectors to let the cables from the opening gap.
– Make sure not to short the power cable and other cables.
– Make the necessary mounting on each cable connection location.
– Make the battery assembly.
– Each firm has cable input modules based on technology it produces. This module will be connected to the zone (fire zone) is determined by the number of detectors manufacturer.
– Make the connection according to the diagram wires from the keypads and zones.
– Do not forget to link the battery after all wiring.
– Adjust the control panel giving power to the circuit by installing the cover.
– Panali Wireless Components Installation of the panels at the top of the antenna structure of the mounting panel.
– Make the necessary place of the installation of wireless equipment.
– Paying attention to the characteristics specified in the User Guide, do to promote the program at the control panel mounted components.
– Mount Magnetic door detector to the wall or frame. Make sure that the antenna vertical. Mount the magnet on the door.
– PIR detector mount socket paying attention to the arrow mark on the wall or corner.
– Place the detector into the socket. Close the door by power from the switch detector. Observe all detector signals given by the control panel tests. Sensor places the number of the zones on the panel ( fire zones) label.

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