Explosion of Coal-Fired Hot Water Boilers

Combustion in most coal-fired hot water boilers develop human control from start to finish. Coal-fired boilers, such as pressure and temperature can be controlled in size but can be observed. application and operating faults which lead to a bursting of the coal heating boilers are listed below:

a) Closed note of Hot Water and Hot Water Return Return Valves Status:

In this case, the heating boiler is continued to be burned, boiler water heats up, it expands. the corresponding boiling pressure of rising boiler water temperature, steam is formed when it reaches the static pressure in the boiler and thrown out of the system through safety pipes. If the seat tube, elected in small sections or on steam generated can not be released if the valve is installed.

Thus, the internal pressure of the boiler with the atmosphere by cutting the direct connection continuously rises. pressure in the boiler made from steel, boiler explodes when the accident exceeded the endurance limit.

Boiler Explosion

b) By the Power Cut – Opening the Status of Pass Line:

It is known that going in hot water heating systems – such as the one on the appropriate return collectors with collectors of these two pumps and replacement of coal boilers made mandatory by – pass line is located.

One month circulation pumps should be operated in a way that will work for another month. stop hot water circulation in case of power failure, the boiler combustion process will continue to be very important. In this case kaloriferc by – pass valve to open, the air damper must close win.

c) Decrease in excessive quantity of the boiler or boiler Water Release of Anhydrous status:

In some applications, the boiler feed valve is connected directly to the mains supply.
Disruption of supply valve left open or cut off the water in the heating system with water supply as a result of the city will run out of water in the boiler and can be escaped to the mains supply.

And Win wall heater surface temperature of about 900 ° C as a result of dehydration ‘to be reached.In this case the mains water in contact with the hot surface of the water coming back with a win, too soon evaporates gains will exceed the limit of strength and internal pressure boiler will explode.
The way this measure is not to win a direct connection to the mains supply. using hoses to supply is the right solution.

In practice, it is seen that the operating personnel to get their hot water boiler feed due to carelessness or for use of the boiler.

Hot Water Boiler Explosion

d) That the use of excessive Lime Juice fattening status:

Win the excess lime buildup on the inner walls of the boiler efficiency and combustion characteristics of the fall will cause the room to the extreme redness of the material in part.

Excessive blushing result of material in bulk to crack sliced win, but in the steel boilers will lead to an explosion.
Ideally the boiler feed water is reported in the literature, it should be 0.2 degrees French hardness, water is essential to use excessive lime in the water softener region. Draining of the boiler to fill water often is one of the major factors leading to the formation of lime.
Gücenil system known as the technical application error made in the hot water heating system will occur, as well as all operational errors are losing the safety of the installation.

Causing loss of life and property to prevent any challenge to such a sad state; The staff dealing with technical applications as well as control of the company it is necessary to go through a training program.

Package Types to Consider the use of boilers in operation in Plant Issues:

1) Boiler fill while hot water systems.
2) Installation of water filling, water level in balance tank level gauge 1/2 must not exceed the rate.
3) Installation of air and getting to run the burner and boiler water filling pump.
4) Balance water tank level gauge extent that it is not necessary to make the addition of water.
5) the level of fuel in the fuel tank 1/3 to feed inince fuel ratio.
6) Perform maintenance and revision according to the boiler operation and maintenance instructions.

Source: Isısan, Central Heating System

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