Ekin Industrial Quality Assurance and MIT Blowers

“MIT” branded blowers were presented to the market on Ekin Industrial side,

Blowers that vacuum the air in the suction area by pushing the air in the suction side by pushing the air entrapped in the air by pushing the fan by the motor inside it started to be produced with the assurance of “MIT” by Ekin Endüstriyel.

Especially in the cleaning of food products, in transportation equipments, transportation of powder granules, in suction equipments, in absorption of industrial powders, in paper transportation, in gas removal, in bottle filling machines, in automatic filling machines, in paper cutting industry, in printing paper transportation, The company aims to offer Ekin Industrial solution partnership with MIT blowers, which are presented to the market to meet the needs and expectations in washing facilities, washing facilities, jacuzzi, bottle drying, vegetable fruit washing and heating installations.

Myth Blowers

Melih Cihan Akıncı, Industrial Process Pump Manager of Ekin Observing MIT Blowers About MIT blowers “Maximum air flow is 2500 m3 / h and can generate 1000 mbar head. It can work up to 130 ° C. The sound working environment is 50-80 dBA. Thanks to the absence of oil-free operation and pollution level, the environment is friendly. With dynamic balance adjustment, vibration is minimum. It can be mounted horizontally and vertically. Using the Swedish SFC or Japanese NSK bearings, we have a longer life span and are used without problems for 3-5 years. ”

What are Blowers? What is the Principle of Study?

Blowers are plumbing equipment that turns the fan with the force of the motor, which ensures the air in the environment that is in the environment of the emission to transfer at high or low pressure. The fan in the blowers turns and vacuums the air in the suction area. The air trapped inside is then pushed towards the outlet side.

Why MIT-branded Blowers?

MIT centrifugal blowers have maintenance-free, high-efficiency fans, electric motors and various assembly (horizontal and vertical) shapes. They provide high pressure and vacuum. It can produce oil-free air. The installation has an easy and maintenance-free AC motor.

Advantages of the MIT Centrifugal Blower

MIT branded blowers are engineered to serve our valued customers in the best possible way with our expert engineer staff. We offer you the most suitable blades with the most efficient blower with the advantage of the following MIT brand.

– Provides a maximum airflow of 2500 m3 / h
– It can create a maximum pressure of 1000 mbar.
– Operation at high temperature (maximum: 130 0C)
– Provides quiet working environment (50-85 dBA)
– The environment is friendly thanks to the absence of oil-free operation and pollution level
– Dynamic balance adjustment minimizes vibration.
– Easy installation. Suitable for installation horizontally and vertically
– Swedish SKF or Japanese NSK bearings are used, making this product efficient and long lasting.
– Allows 3-5 years of trouble-free use under normal conditions.

What are Blower Types?

Single Stage Blowers: Single stage blowers are in the range of 40-1370 m3 / h flow rate, 0-460 mbar pressure and varying engine powers in the range of 0.2 – 18.5 kW.

Double Stage Blowers: Double Stage Blowers are a variety of blowers that vary in the flow rate of 88-2050 m3 / h, pressures of 0-670 mbar and engine powers of 0,7 – 25 kW.

How to Select a Blower?

The most important information (for air) required for blower selection is listed below.
– The required air flow (m3 / h, Nm3 / h)
– Positive pressure (eg mbar, bar, mSS) that should be eaten if the blower is to be used to transfer the heat.
– Vacuum value of the blower if it is to be used for vacuum (such as -mbar, -bar)
-Ambient temperature

Blower Working Principle

Blowers are plumbing equipment that turn the fan with the force that the air that is in the air of the engine is transferred to the high-starting or low-pressure motor.

Working Principle of MIT Centrifuge Blower

The blowers increase the pressure of the absorbed gas by a series of vortex motion resulting from the centrifugal motion of the impeller. As the impeller rotates, the ducts in the wheel push the air forward with the centrifugal movement and a helical motion occurs. During this movement, the gas is continuously compressed along the channel and the pressure increases linearly.Pressurized air is transferred to the plant to be used from the outlet of the blower.

How should the blower be used?

Blowers are plumbing equipment that turn the fan with the force that the air that is in the air of the engine is transferred to the high-starting or low-pressure motor.

What are the main points to be aware of when using Blower?

The presence of safety valves or the presence of a transfer protection system will prolong the life of the blower as obstructions may occur at the suction and discharge points.

The air in the blower must be filtered and transferred in order to be used at the proper capacity and to prevent accumulation of dirt. Failure to use the filters will cause the fans in the blowers to wear out.

Blowers should not be used in the opposite direction of the motor rotation direction. The life of the inverted blowers will be shorter than the air at the outlet will not be absorbed.

What are Blower Usage Areas?

Blowers are plumbing equipment that turn the fan with the force that the air that is in the air of the engine is transferred to the high-starting or low-pressure motor.

Blowers are also used in the production of dust removal equipments, in the production of dust removal equipments such as vacuum pumps, food washing, transport equipments, powder granule carrier, suction equipments, industrial dust absorbing, paper conveying, paper handling, gas removal, bottle filling machines, automatic filling machines, car washing, expansion facilities, jacuzzi, bottle drying, vegetable fruit washing, heating installations are used effectively.

Ekin Improves Quality Management Concept in Industrial Plated Heat Exchanger Production.

Ekin Industrial İnterSismik Documentation has been seen as secular to obtain ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System, ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001: 2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Documents in the production and sales of plate exchanger by realizing a sector in the inspections performed by the organization.

Documents Ekinci Industrial “Public Relations Manager Erdem Ozkan” who received the delivery from Hasan Şahab ​​from Hasan Şahab ​​on 30.10.2016 said “Being a partner in quality management in the heating and cooling sector and leading this sector in the sector is very proud on behalf of MIT brand.

Myth of Quality

Ekin Industrial aims to be an example to its stakeholders by carrying the quality of its products labeled “MIT” one step ahead of the sector, valuing its stakeholders, preserving their values ​​and improving their understanding of quality.

Source: Ekin Industries

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