Ekin Industrial Injecta Marked Dosage Pumps

Offering the expert engineers in the field Turkey in solutions in the transfer liquid-crop food with industrial Injector brand metering pumps, chemical, water and industry, clean and waste water, bottling, washing, oil and gas, ceramic industry, aims to offer solutions to the pharmaceutical industry.

Dosage pumps are precision pumps designed to be used in areas where chemicals such as acid, chlorine, liquid fertilizer, enzyme etc. must be dosed.

Melih Cihan Akıncı, Manager of Ekin Industrial Process Pumps, observing the Injecta dosing pumps, stated that “Injecta dosing pumps are collected under 3 headings as solenoid, mechanical diaphragm and piston and they are structurally distributed within itself. Thanks to its compact structure, Akıncı İnjecta solenoid type dosing pumps continue to be talked on thanks to the PVDF pump head at low doses. The pump head with PVDF material, which has a high strength in the dosing of aggressive fluids, is used as standard. The dosing pumps with mechanical diaphragms are offered to users with SS316, PP, PVC and PVDF heads according to the dosing chemistry. It has capacities of 5,5 – 500 L / hour and 5 – 16 bar capacities. Piston diaphragm dosing pumps are offered to the user with SS316 and PVC head according to dosing chemistries. It has capacities of 1,5 – 1000 L / hour and 5 – 20 bar capacities. With Injecta pumps, which are Orp-controlled, pH-controlled, digital-screened, level-sensored, proportional-controlled, analogue and so on, we aim to comfortably meet our customers’ demands. ”

Production capacity, innovative design, engineering services, pre and after sales customer-oriented approach Annex located on a lot of projects with industrial “IT” products, by signing the project aims to offer solutions with advanced technology principles in heating-cooling in Turkey.

What is Solenoid Dosage Pump?

MIT Solenoid Dosing pumps, acid, chlorine, liquid fertilizer, etc. is a precision pump designed to be used in places where chemicals must be dosed. Dosing Pumps are electronically operated dosing pumps. The flow is provided by the movement of the diaphragm. With the impulse from the electronic circuit, the magnet attracts the diaphragm piston, so that the maximum stroke occurs and the diaphragm solution connected to the steel core pushes per pump.

The suction check valve at the suction port closes, the check check valve at the discharge port opens and the solution is discharged to the discharge hose. After the magnetization is finished, the suction check valve is opened, the check check valve is closed, so that the liquid is drawn into the pump. The frequency setting must be done slowly.

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Kamal Aslan  -  23 February 2022 at 10:48

to whom it may concern, we are interested in buying from your company as follows,
ACID DOSING PUMP 100-240V, 50HZ, 40W, 2A-T, IP65,
Pressure work: 6 bar
Qty: 1
If you have any questions, please contact me.
Best Regards
Kamal Aslan
Commercial Coordinator
Karakoy Elektrik.LTD.STI
Address: Necatibey Street Sait Demirbağ Office
Building No.7 / 41-42 cat.4 Karakoy / ISTANBUL / TURKEY

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