E-Solution Vrf Program

E-Solution, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditionin Europe (MHIAE) by vrf/vrv air conditioning system design for the new-generation software program, engineers free of charge. E-Solution, advancing technology and renewed product range is updated automatically with the program.

E-Solution Program Properties

-The temperature and condition by entering the terms, heat loss and heat gain account according to the automatic selection of the internal and external unit, the amount of additional refrigerant pipe diameter copper account, control panel wiring and power lines, you can quickly design.
-Heat pump and heat recovery systems to selection and deployment process, the pipe diameter can be done automatically.
-To a certain Air-functioning indoor units (up to 64) by connecting a modular external condensate unit operation.
-Fresh air inside unit and heat recovery equipment by doing data entry devices to hrv selection opportunity.
-External and internal unit device selection by adding the ability to process the di 4 u factor.
-The internal and external unit technical data Devices pdf format, material lists, excel format as autocad dxf format to output the schema and columns.

E-Solution Program Data Entry

While using the program, there are some considerations you need to keep your eye on. If you perform operations on disregarding them extra large capacity device selection and copper pipe diameter featured status. Briefly explain the steps of the process.
1-Select the zone by opening a new project in Turkey. If you can take the output from the program if you can enter information such as the project name and description.
2-Design conditions window is to be opened, Cooling and heating with values for the external unit indoor unit correctly assign the values. Incorrect values on the low or high capacity will cause you to use the device and the pipe diameter.
For you Bursa;
a-Cooling Units:
KT: 26 C YT: 18 C C Rh: 50%
Is the room temperature for cooling dry Thermometer, usually 24 C and 26 C is selected, may vary according to the State of the scene.
Age Thermometer calculates the value of system automated. To do this, you must enter the value of the relative humidity. 50%, 55%.
b-Heating Units
KT: 20 C
Is the room temperature for heating dry Thermometer.
c-outdoor unit
There are two KT entry. One Summer and one winter.
The first part is the second part of KT: 37 C terms of KT Bursa:-6 YT:-6.5 just type. RH will assign itself.
Diversite factor if you are not going to use 0. Otherwise you can change.

3-this will open the data entry tab to the indoor unit. In this section, the total capacity for the corresponding room name, cooling, capacity, you will enter the total capacity for heating. Then select the Type part of the device type. (Cassette type, wall mounted, ducted type, etc.) When you choose will be automatically adds the appropriate indoor unit capacity of the program. If the capacity is high, if the appropriate device will increase the capacity or number change on the part of the Amount. Will automate capacity you have cleansed. After entering all the OK button pressure-tube heat pump system 2 or 3 tubular heat recovery it will alert selected. You will use the system.

4-the system column of the schema and the device palette will open. In this section, joint or header using your project please add your devices in accordance with the relevant blank boxes. The program automatically will add to the diameter of the connection lines. After you have added the correct external unit, and all equipment copper pipe diameter selection by clicking on the pipe length for lines and enter the number of elbows.

5-finishing outdoor unit outdoor unit selection for image of double click here. In the window that opens, select the type of external unit model, but other than the standard model KX6 for model selection can be made, you can consult the company. MO Koko after the selection click on automatic selection, the program will insert the appropriate external unit automatically.

6-do you have the tools to check for errors in the System tab check the link system. Clicking on the error will be displayed if, for example, was not entered the pipe diameter.
7-automatic machinery and copper pipe sizing has been completed and, if you’ll be adding the central controller and the indoor unit control, from the left menu by selecting the column schema, you add it to the corresponding model.
8-export to autocad File tab of the column schema, you can save it as autocad by clicking on the link. To make changes to the program later in the system save project as from *.esl. Heat gain your values may vary, don’t stay up to make data entry again. The tools for editing the data you added tab units list, simply click on the link.

E-Solution Program

E-SolutionProgram Download Link: Program
Program download and installation process is based on the e-mail address after the free password is being sent, you will be able to provide you with the password sent to the use of the program.
VRF vrf system has various programs related to/, in this respect the vrf/vrv brand and model of copper pipe diameters.
In line with these considerations, after you have designed projects during construction, you calculate again the pipe diameter manufacturer would be appropriate.


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