Design of Underfloor Heating Systems

Underfloor heating systems by reviewing the technical article about the sizing calculation steps and you can get the tables used.

Underfloor heating article summary:

The energy alternative energy sources with low temperature heating. Example solar energy reinforced heating systems or soil and air-source heat pumps produces hot water economically with around 50 C. Low hot water heating can underfloor heating system has increased this sense of importance. But the heating system requires a lot of dimensioning of the account.

Usually prepared tables before using these accounts are an attempt is made to be made faster. This article is a sample structure floor heating systems practically dimensioning are summarized.


Underfloor heating systems because of the lack of any device in the heated volume preferred by architects. Flooring surface temperature of 29oC begins to disturb people in the room to be over. Too many North-facing glass surface structures, areas, and especially heat loss in cold climate regions is more than the amount of heat must be given from the floor unit. Both more than heat requirement and unit area temperature limitation complicates the design of floor heating system. On the other hand, a limitation on around 90 metres of pipe circuit system when creating a separate problem. As a result, the heat loss of the building, floor characteristics, depending on many parameters, such as ambient temperature, ısıaktarılmaktadır internal environment. Heat transfer in tubes between the great importance. Accurate calculation of the distance between ground heating pipes is very important.

The result

Underfloor heating systems, heat loss, especially if the room temperature and the importance in the choice of coating materials system. Accounts created to simplify diagrams coating materials is necessary to be considered. The flooring surface should not exceed the temperature of 29o C due to living spaces important in determining a physical data pipe ranges. Surface temperature of 29o C don’t make eating and creating an environmental zone in which the situation of these areas are provided with intensive heat transfer. Determining the distance between pipe use of diagrams easier, thus making the project on a very low level and error percentage has been downloaded to.


Underfloor Heating Article


Source: Veli DOĞAN, Oğuzhan ÇALIŞIR

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