Defrost Resistance and Responsibility

Defrost Resistance is located inside the evaporator surface or pipe attached. Evaporator in defrost cycle to melt the ice on its surface.

Defrost coil evaporator reside in conjoined or on the surface of the pipe. Just defrost the ice on the surface of the evaporator to play in the period. Period of normal operation of the Cabinet just serves as the conductor and nourishes the timer motor.

Defrosting Resistance Types

2x750w, Ø8.5mm, CrNi Cooler (defrost) and the double-sided output resistance defrost heaters of different power

Defrost heater on the evaporator from the channel bottom. Defrost heater from or change to the dismantling of the evaporator from around the aluminium sheet is required. This sheet without disassembling the defrost heater cannot be reached to. Defrost heaters should be replaced with a new one will not be repaired. New defrost heaters should be mounted in place functioned. Strength and size sökülenle should be the same. New defrost coil, evaporator is mounted by placing the location thoroughly. Then resistance electrical connectors, Socket connects into place. Defrost coil, evaporator evaporator after the body cover that connects two star head screw is removed. Defrost heater is the electrical connection socket socket locations is certain. Hand-pulled Sockets resistance electrical connection is disconnected and removed the evaporator up defrost heater on over.

Defrosting Resistance Structure

Resistance Time Defrost System Table Position

The defrost heater activates time to melt the ice accumulated on the evaporator during certain time periods, as previously mentioned. this period is called the defrost period is melted ice on the evaporator of a refrigerator. After melting defrost time is an important function of the ice on the evaporator after the abandonment of the heater before starting the compressor to provide air circulation in the refrigerator is cooling the control of the evaporator running for a certain period. This control is called a fan delay.

Defrost time electrical connection must be mounted in such a way that removed. Defrost time, the compressor is the section where. Defrost time we reach the electrical connections will only be possible after opening the defrosting time storage box. After opening the storage box confront us defrosting time. Defrost time of repair is required for installing the new can not be said. Defrost time electrical connection, disassembled place to hang out for a certain person. By combining electrical socket instead of a new defrost system clock connection is realized.

Partition Resistance

Double doors and partitions resistance has in no-frost refrigerators. Upper chamber in the intermediate coil acts as defrost resistances.

Defrosting Resistance

Source: MEGEP

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