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Luxury Decor company operates in building sector with well educated staff especially on renovation and decoration area in Istanbul since 1980. The golden rule which cover the renovation and decoration sector is “the quality of the project behind you brings new business opportunities”. In short, in order to survive in renovation industry you have to build happy faces behind your projects. We created happy faces behind every project we complete because every time we tried to make it better. We’re always working to make it better for thirty six years. We know very well, how we have been successful with all the technical knowledge and skills gained in the construction sector but we called our first bricket name “trust” when creating our vision. We have completed all the projects we have undertaken on time. We know the value of this confidence we have struggled to build and ensuring the continuity of this confidence has always been our priority. We share with you all the knowledge and experience we have gained in our work. We’ll direct you to a materials which have highest quality with lowest cost. To give you the best advice we combine the materials with optimal price-performance ratio then we determine the best manager for the job and finally we offer you an excellent project.

Our work principle:

Re-use provides the appropriate functionality to the daily conditions of a building. Adaptive re-structure is an inevitable result of the change. Home renovations projects must keep it’s flexibility for changing conditions over time. The important point while performing renovations is keeping the identity of building.

While we preparing the project our priorities are complying with legal obligations, supplying of construction records, instructing the masters who know the subject of the work and working with managers with professional awareness and competence.

The lack of qualified staff causes the failure to provide the continuity of renovation. At the same time if you don’t follow the to do list while renovating a building you will face dismantle things again.

Luxury Decor construction
“We completed 1,250 projects! 12 Our Project Continues, vertical are we 36 years, our happy customers 5,000+ Yes.”

Luxury Decor Services

Construction of -Basic
-For Architecture and Interior Design
-The kitchen Cabinet-Bathroom Cabinet-Wood Works
-Park-Ceramics-Tile Works
-Foreign Affairs Front-roof-sheathing
-Electrical Installation-Water Installation Works
-Mercury-Granite Works
-Home-Office Wall Partitions

Luxury Decor Contact:

Address: Feyzullah mah.oğuzh the cad.özg Sk. No: 2/2 Maltepe-Istanbul
Phone: 0532 296 1234

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