Bursa Science Festival 2017 Applications Begins

Turkish Airlines Bursa Science Fair 2017 will be organized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Science and Technology Center, Turkish Airlines Name Sponsorship and BEBKA Supports at TÜYAP Fair Center on 4-5-6-7 May 2017. This year’s concept of the Bursa Science Festival was designated as “Energy Efficiency”. The Bursa Science Festival will be held for the first time at TÜYAP Exhibition Center, where projects, workshops, scientific demonstrations and conferences will be held in the field of science and technology, especially in this concept.

Within the last three years, a total of 230,000 visitors participated in the event within the scope of the Turkish Airlines Bursa Science Festival. A record of Turkey was broken in the workshops and 72,882 workshops were carried out. Turkish Airlines’ Bursa Science Festival 2017 will be held at the same time with the highest participation in the workshop to perform a world record experiment.

Turkish Airlines Science Fair 2017

-Project Competition (102.000 TL Awarded)
-Workshops (Guinness Book of Records application for 2017)
-Science Shows
-French Simulators
-Robot Festival
-Model Aircraft Contest
Events will be organized – Science Conferences

Project competition

They will participate in the Bursa Science Festival’17 project competition organized in our country in a similar way at all stages of their work and conform to the principles set forth above all to make it easier for them and for their work to be evaluated in the best possible way. The main aim of our project competition for children, young and master inventors; to make people aware of this issue, to give habit and to contribute to the development of people with analytical thinking structure.

The main concept of the Bursa Science Festival’17 Project Competition was designated as ” Energy Efficiency “. Projects that will apply for the project competition are expected to carry out their work within this concept.

The project competition is to create the excitement of researching and discovering society by contributing to the aiming of science to my aim country, creating an awareness in this subject, acquiring habits and contributing to the development of future scientists who have analytical thinking structure.

Within the scope of the Bursa Science Festival project competition, a total of 167,000 TL has been awarded to project owners. Some of the project finalists have also been evaluated by international agencies such as NASA and Microsoft.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Competition

Design and Build The unmanned aerial vehicles competition held under the name of Uçur will be held within the scope of Bursa Science Festival this year.
Design and Build In the 2017 competition, two categories of races will take place. These are the fixed wing (Aircraft) Unmanned aerial vehicles and the rotating wing (Drone) categories.

The participating teams will fight to deliver air vehicles to a target area within the flight area, and they will perform the duties defined on the area surrounded by the red line and land. The teams will also perform the task of extinguishing the fire into the designated area in the final mission.The teams will design the design of an unmanned, electrically powered, radio controlled modular aerial vehicle that will perform the defined tasks in the most appropriate manner. The aim is to design a high-performance, balanced design, capable of providing good flight control quality and easy to produce.

Online Application for Applying to the Competition of the Turkish Airlines Bursa Science Festival

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