Boilers Technical Information

In other words kettle boilers tank are pressure vessels that heats and stores the water through the serpentine inside.Widespread use of water in buildings with central heating installation of the requirement to provide the increased demand from these centers. To meet this demand, hot water production is simple, economical and effective way to perform, but also providing storage boilers being produced. benefiting from the blessings of advanced technology over time has become very efficient and healthy.

Boiler Uses are where?

Boilers usually in areas where people live collectively, are used as individual hot water central heating systems for hot water production rather than economic benefits. Factories, barracks, hotels, hostels, apartments, hospitals, the mirror is more like hot water needs of public construction are used as appropriate where the increased number of people open the taps.

Boiler Equipment Installation and How To Use It?

fluid heater in the boiler is often used as a boiler or hot water supplied from the cascade system. It created a closed loop circulation is provided by means of a pump. input for temperature control thermostat on the boiler are available. This flow is cut off by pump control according to the measured value of the entries. inlet temperature and pump speed is adjusted according to the targeted heating while providing maximum heating efficiency.

What are the boiler type?

Single Serpentine Boiler: The boiler with a single enabling the serpentinized varieties found in the water heating and storage.

Double Serpentine Boiler: With double coil contained in the boiler heating Instant realization on behalf of the stronger (for example, such as solar power and boiler knows to work with 2 heat source) is that the heating boiler types.

Electric Cylinder: your no heat source (boiler, solar, geothermal, etc.). Where there is a tall varieties that perform the heating process thanks to electrical energy.

Enamel Why is it important in the tank?

titanium enamel coating inside the tank is provided to be more hygienic. The main structure consisting of boron and silicon enamel used in the boiler must not contain heavy metals. RoHS should be produced without destroying the values and European standards.

Why magnesium anode rod should be used?

Boilers with an enamel and magnesium anode rod galvanized corrosion protection should be guaranteed. with the help of electrolysis occurring in magnesium anode dissolves store, stick to the point that the needs of the enamel coating and extend the storage life. Boilers also using magnesium anode rod storage life of chemical components in accordance with the European standards must be raised to the highest level.

Resistance Testing should be done on the boiler How?

The boiler is called the water heater and water reservoir are. Testing of corrosion of surfaces in contact with the process water is important.
10% citric acid solution in tests performed according to standard European boiler used. Citric acid solution is applied to the enamel surface of the 15 min period, resulting in acid resistance is determined by the deformation made on the enamel.

Citric Acid Strength Test in boiler

Citric acid test is performed according to ISO 2722 standards. Boyle keeps a long of course as long as 20 minutes in the citric acid solution and enamel test result which is at the top level class.

Quality Steel boiler must be?

Boyle is the resistance to aging, with good weldability prominent and has deep drawing properties, single / double or single / double firing suitable enamel coatings used in making Eregli trkk 6222 cold forming appropriate low-carbon hot-rolled steel should be used. Also in S355J2 dip galvanized storage tank (ST 52-3) uses steel.

Boiler with boiling water and steam Strength Test

48 hours with the test piece is subjected to boiling water and steam tests. This process eventually decreases the amount of enamel on the test piece. By European standards, this amount 3.5G / m².In this amount of the product MIT Marks 2g / m².

Boyle Selection How?

hot water needs with the needs of the building is calculated using the average value set by the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers. Here are a few important details that should be considered. The calculated total hour requirement value is calculated assuming that all the fittings are open for 1 hour.This possibility is very low. Hourly need, given the co-use factor name and designated for different uses is determined as the average multiplied by a coefficient. However, these values are calculated on the basis of direct and not liter capacity tank. Boilers 1 hour, can provide much of the hot water storage capacity. Therefore, both saving hourly production values should be considered to reduce both the initial investment costs.

What are the advantages?

When the hot water in the boilers are used to maintain a very long time. The advanced technology used to provide high efficiency insulation materials, boiler protect from external influences.

Boiler coils must be designed in such a way that cold regions. Quick Boilers thanks to special coil design prevents the formation of cold zones and does not allow the survival of the bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ disease. With the titanium enamel coating is also prevented bacterial growth and corrosion.

Source: Ekin Industrial, Mechanical Engineer, Emrah GÜNDOĞDU

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