Ayvaz Launches Production With 3D Printers!

Ayvaz from the established companies of the installation sector is proud of bringing more of a sector in the sector. Hadımköy central factory started to produce using 3D printer, it is now turning its orders into “one-button” products.

Ayvaz is looking for solutions that are long-lasting and “revolutionary” in order to be able to respond rapidly to the intense student from the sector, and AR-GE engineers are starting to use a brand-new technology with the contributions of the engineers.The company, which lifted the looms one by one in production lines, is now using only 3D Printer.

Ayvaz explained that they save both time and workmanship thanks to this technology; he explained that this news will make everyone’s face laugh. “As you know, each product has a special code. Our production friends now only enter the product code into the system and expect the product to come out. Depending on the size of the average product with 5-10 minutes is ready for the sevkiyata, “he said. They could manufacture the truck to be shipped using a 3D printer, but the official said it could take 3-4 hours and no one would want to wait that long.

This technology is nowhere to be found!

Ayvaz said that the technology used in the production lines is very special and the company official said, “We have identified the expansion line as the pilot region. We’ve been testing for a week. Our latest situation is as follows; we press a button, we get the product we want. If we run it twice, we buy two products. Because we use rays such as infrared, purple, and beyond; we can also produce star, oval or bow shape in addition to traditional (round) compensators. ”

Underlining the fact that 3D technology is not a company in this sector, the company official added that it was not a chance to make this announcement on 1 April.

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