Ayvaz, Applied Training Center and Process Safety Symposium

Ayvaz and Emo Ayvaz joined the Process Safety Symposium together.

Ayvaz and EmoAyvaz, who attended the Process Safety Symposium held at The Green Park Hotel Convention Center last month, have found the opportunity to share their products and solutions which are frequently used in industrial facilities.

Ayvaz, the leading company of the installation sector, and Ayvaz, who provides fire prevention systems with world standards at high cost for high-risk industrial facilities at optimum costs, gathered at a joint stand at the Process Safety Symposium organized this year at the Green Park Hotel Convention Center . On the second day of the symposium emoayvaz General Director Hatice Zehra Tonyalı and Ayvaz ARI-Armaturen Turkey Product Manager Ersun Gürkan, facilities to officials of the companies important to the process safety shared their experiences with two different presentation.

Emo Ayvaz General Manager Hatice Zehra Tonyin shared his experience in projecting fire detection and protection systems in industrial premises in his presentation entitled “Evaluation of Process Emission from Fire Perspective in High Risk Industrial Facilities and Its Importance”.Tony also presented Emo Ayvaz’s projects and field applications with “Zero Error, Zero Risk” principle in his presentation. Tony said that in the field of fire safety systems, they do not have to provide and distribute the equipment produced by the world’s best brands; the industrial plants in the risk group were given a full turn-key installation service with correct timing, regular reporting and a professional staff to all fire protection systems.

Ayvaz ARI-Armaturen Turkey is Product Manager Ersun Gürkan “Three Axis madman High Performance Valves of ESD Valve System Using” presentation titled ARI-ZETRIX other three axes product on the market madman high comparing with over-performing valves materials, design, temperature, pressure class, standards and practices in terms of their technical characteristics such as diversity. Continuing the presentation, Gurkan, who compares ARI-ZETRIX with ball valve , sliding valve and globe valve, gave examples about using the product as ESD (Emergency Shut Down) valve.

Ayvaz Supported Applied Training Center

Ayvaz, who accelerated his work in the field of social responsibility, donated fire equipment to the Suat Sezai Gürü Applied Training Center, which was opened in Tuzla by our Istanbul Branch of Chamber of Mechanical Engineers.

Ayvaz, the leading company of the installation sector, contributed to a very useful project in the field of vocational education which is one of the most important needs of the country and the sector. TMMOB Chamber of Mechanical Engineers has donated fire equipment to the Suat Sezai Gürü Applied Training Center, which is the long-term project of the Istanbul Branch and was opened in the Anatolian Side Industrial Zone in Tuzla in April. TMMOB Chairman Emin Koramaz presented a plaque of appreciation to Ayvaz for his support during the opening ceremony of the training center. Istanbul Anadolu Region Sales Engineer Emre Aktaş was present at the plaque ceremony.

Stating that the center in Tuzla is a very important project both in terms of our country and sector and engineering profession, Ayvaz Chief Executive Officer Serhan Alpagut stated that Ayvaz is very happy to have a salt in the soup in such a project. Alpagut, “We as Ayvaz in all the work we do in shaping and advancing the sector we have in mind we have an understanding. We are ready to contribute to all projects that will open the way for our industry and our country. ”

The Suat Sezai Gürü Applied Training Center was established to provide theoretical and practical training to the most demanding intermediate technical staff and mechanical engineers of a 1000 m2 alanda industry. The center will provide theoretical and practical trainings on welding, fire system projecting and application trainings, machine maintenance trainings, heating, cooling and ventilation (HVAC) application trainings and elevator trainings.

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